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Voice Recorders


Online Spy Shop offers a wide array of audio surveillance and digital voice recorder products. From affordable, discreet devices you can use manually to sophisticated, high definition remote devices capable of voice activated recording from a distance and real-time monitoring.

– Discreetly listen to or record voice audio from a range of distances.
– Capture high quality, evidential voice recordings, remotely or manually.
– Disguise your activity with a range of housings, including air freshener or calculator.
– Listen remotely and record direct to storage device, with date stamped and encrypted audio files.

Why Might I Need a Hidden Voice Recorder?

Voice recorders – the ultimate in classic spy gear – are useful, sometimes essential, in a range of different situations. Whether you’re gathering evidence to prove suspected criminal activity, monitoring the behaviour and actions of an employee or simply trying to legitimately protect yourself legally from unfounded accusations; the best voice recorders are invaluable.

It may be tempting to use your smartphone for voice recording, but it’s not worth the risk of low quality (often useless) audio data or indeed, the risk of being detected. Our specialist, spy voice recorders capture high quality audio, reliably and for optimum evidence gathering.

What Are The Differences In Audio Surveillance Voice Recorders?

Technical capabilities play a big part in differentiating the various audio recorders we stock. Some are simple, manually operated devices while others enable you to listen remotely or live stream the audio to a storage device. Microphone range and audio quality are two other key factors; for documenting what gets said in a meeting, a more basic device will work just fine, but for picking up outdoor or long distance voice recordings, a more powerful and sensitive microphone is required.

Whatever your secret voice recorder needs, check out our wide range of recording devices today.