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Android Phantom Mobile Phone Security App

A mobile surveillance app for Android phones to add an extra layer of security, with anti theft monitoring and a secure online console panel to keep a close eye on all user activity.  This security software is simple to set up and comes with a 3, 6 or 12 month licence - it's a must for any security consciou smartphone user. 

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Phantom Android Mobile Phone Surveillance App

FREE 24 HOUR TRIAL PERIOD (limited time).  Simply email us and we'll return the installation guide for installing the Phantom Security App to your Android phone.  Test drive this amazing software completely free of charge and with no obligation to buy.

The Phantom surveillance app is a lightweight installable program for Android mobile phones which adds an extra layer of security and anti theft monitoring.  Simple to setup and use, the online console panel displays a wide array of user activity in an easy to read format and is a superb solution for use by elderly parents, small children and employers looking to safeguard their employees and company assets from intellectual property theft etc.


Once purchased you will receive an email (within working hours) which includes an install URL, instructions (very easy) and an activation license code.  Simply type the URL into the handsets web browser to download the software onto the phone.  Installation and setup takes approx a few minutes.  Once installed, the software remains unobtrusive, using advanced zero tolerance battery drain and does not conflict or slow the handsets normal operation.


Your online console uses SSL industry standard https security to login securely from any computer or mobile device to view all user activity which is presented in an easy-to-read intuitive layout for your viewing pleasure.  User activity can also be exported to your computer in various formats for evidential purposes.  You may also export recorded images, audio and video in a compressed format.


It is appreciated that sometimes internet access is not always possible (for whatever reason) therefore, the software is still capable of maintaining a catalogue of the phone activity and then, when next connected to the internet, automatically uploads the data to the console panel.

After the captured information has been transferred to the panel it will be automatically deleted from the phones internal memory.  The phantom software application is lightweight and completely unobtrusive to the user.  It does not appear as an icon on the phone screen, in the system apps or as a running app making it incredibly convenient.  In addition, it is difficult to wipe from the handset even if the phone user performs a security wipe.


To demonstrate just how good the Phantom software is, we offer a FREE no obligation 24 hour trial period.  Just contact us for the demo license and see for yourself the powerful groundbreaking features on offer.  Should you wish to continue use, simply purchase either a three (3), six (6) or 12 month license from the drop down menu above.

Please Note: It is recommended that the handset is rooted prior to installation to take advantage of the Phantom's full capabilities.  If you choose not to root the handset prior to installation then the following features will not work: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Gmail, Yahoo & Outlook.


The Phantom app has been designed to monitor your mobile handset or for parents to monitor the mobile handsets of their children; who MUST be under the age of 18.  It may also be used to monitor company phones loaned to an employee by an employer, but prior written consent must be given by the employee first.  You may legally monitor any other adult individual; providing that they give you permission to install the Phantom app on their mobile handset; and that they consent to be monitored by you.  It is the full responsibility of our customers to ensure that they use the Phantom app for legal purposes only, and do not break any Local or International laws.  OSS Technology Ltd assumes no liability whatsoever, legal or otherwise for any misuse of this product.  If you have any doubts with regards to your own legal position, then please seek professional legal advice before purchasing, downloading or installing the Phantom app on ANY mobile device.

More Information
Which devices does the Phantom app work on?

Android is an operating system which runs on many different handsets.  The software will install on all Android devices either rooted or unrooted.  It is recommended to root the handset prior to installation to take advantage of the softwares full capabilities.

Can I install the software app to my phone remotely?

No.  You must have physical possession of the Android phone and an active data SIM card be inserted.

Can I install the app to my phone and then transfer it to the phone I wish to monitor?


Am I able to transfer the software to a different phone at a later date?

No.  Please ensure you install the software to the handset you wish to monitor only.

If I change the SIM card will the software stop from working?

No.  Any active SIM card with an internet connection, no matter how many changes you make will not effect the working functionality of the software.

Can I see any icon that indicates the software has been installed?


What happens if my phone is stolen and somebody undertakes a security wipe?

The software is difficult to remove and will remain installed and active.

Technical Info
  • Phantom surveillance app for Android mobile devices
  • Instant installation via web browser
  • No technical skill required
  • User activity sent direct to your secure online console panel
  • Does not conflict or tamper with normal device functionality
  • Software does not show in app tray, system or running apps
  • Difficult to remove even if security wiped
  • Download user activity in various formats to your computer
  • FREE 24 hour trial period to show its bulletproof capabilites
  • Supplied with Phantom security app, license code and Guide
  • Ideal for monitoring and obtaining user activity reports in the event of phone loss or theft for evidential purposes

Not for purchase using PayPal due to their restriction on computer surveillance related products.

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