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Non-Linear Junction Detector

Non-Linear Junction Detector
Non-Linear Junction Detectors are used for the search and location of any semi-conductor element (diodes, transistors, circuits etc) including electronic (hidden) devices.  Semi-conductors contain multiple layers of silicon (P-Type and N-Type), and the point where they meet is called a Non-Linear Junction.  This junction also appears when dis-similar metals come into contact with each another.

The use of such detectors will accurately find from a safe distance potential eavesdropping devices by flooding the target area with a spectrally pure microwave RF signal.  Various frequencies are then monitored for a reflected 2D and 3D harmonic signal which enables a quick and reliable identification of such electronic devices and natural oxide semi-conductors.

This type of equipment will automatically find the best receiving channel frequency (free of noise and distortion) providing flawless operation even in the most demanding electromagnetic environment for example; identifying an object such as a SIM card from over one (1) meter away.

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Non-Linear Junction Detector V.36
Professional hand-held non-linear detector - accurately detects all hidden semi-conductor devices. Laser guided probe with narrow directional antenna. Pinpoints non overlapping frequencies between 3580 - 10860MHz.
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Non-Linear Junction Detector V.36

Non-Linear Junction Detector

Non-Linear Junction Detector

Non-linear Junction Detectors are essential if you need to ensure the security of conversations and messages which take place in a particular area by seeking out any hidden devices which may give away confidential information.  We are able to offer our hand-held device which has the following main features:

  • Accurate detection of any semi-conductor element
  • Identification of potential eavesdropping equipment
  • Laser guided probe
  • Analogue and digital signal detection
  • High sensitivity
  • Dynamic range
  • Lightweight design

The idea behind such equipment is that you can detect any hidden spy transmitting devices which may have been planted in a a particular area to eavesdrop on your conversations or meetings.  This will be able to locate any of these gadgets to enable you to check whether an area is bug-free, and take appropriate action accordingly.


  • To prevent someone from listening in on your sensitive conversations
  • Safeguarding against eavesdropping during confidential meetings
  • Finding out whether your hotel room has been bugged
  • For use in professional work to check rooms in a house or commercial building are safe to use
  • Locating a lost device such as a misplaced mobile phone
The list of applications is vast, and each person will have their own reasons behind buying gadgets such as these.  Above all, remember that it is totally legal to use these devices in order to present to the police if needed, and also for presentation in a Court of Law.

If you have the need for a device such as this at home, it will be because you are worried about your personal safety and security.  From jealous ex's, to dodgy lodgers, there are many reasons why you might need to check that your home isn't playing host to a range of hidden spy gadgets which are capturing your every word, or your every move.

A device such as this for business use is a very vesatile tool indeed.  From ensuring the confidentiality of your sensitive business meetings to making sucre that nobody is overhearing important business deals and HR matters, this device can prove invaluable to protecting your business interests.  Easy to transport, you can take this with you to ensure that wherever you conduct your business dealings, it will always be within a safe and secure environment.

All the above information is only a very general insight as there are so reasons why you might need to use this type of equipment.

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