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Computer Internet Monitoring

Computer Internet Monitoring
We have a superb selection of PC surveillance software in which we have taken into account various factors including ease of use, detail of features and stealth performance.  With the massive and continued growth of the internet and an abundance of positive information and communications at our fingertips, there is also a negative dark side to internet use, and with desktops, laptops and internet ready tablet and mobile devices in almost every home and office it is absolutely necessary to understand the potential risks of cybercrime, internet fraud and other nasties.

There are three (3) different types of computer monitoring products available: software, hardware, and the combination of both software and hardware.

Software internet monitoring is either downloaded to the target computer manually or can be remotely sent to the target computer via email.  Remote installation is usually done by receiving an email perpetrated to look like it was sent by a colleague thus a trust to open the content which may include a document, a URL link, or directing you to a fake website which uses malicious trojan software to install.  Usually, these types of software are impossible to detect and will bypass any anti-virus or firewall.

Hardware monitoring could take the form of a USB or PS/2 keystroke logger or the more advanced Wi-Fi versions which are easily available.  These camouflaged tiny devices simply plug into the back of a computer and will record every key stroke you type on the keyboard which is then either saved to the internal flash memory of the device or remotely sent to a third party email address over Wi-Fi.

The more advanced PC monitoring comes in the form of a combination hardware / software for example; a hardware USB stick incorporated with an extremely fast software installation such as the Keystealth Deluxe Ultimate Computer Monitoring.  These types of keystroke loggers do not require that the USB stick remain in the computer once the software has been installed and sections off a portion of the hard-drive to record keystrokes, screenshots and even VOIP chat.  That section of recorded data is then covertly emailed in an easy to read format report.

The majority of computer monitoring spy gadgets are used in a perfectly legitimate way for example; a concerned parent wishing to monitor a child's internet activity especially with the growing concern of unsavoury groups of people deliberately searching the internet to commit vile crimes.  Other uses are for employers to monitor inappropriate web browsing and wasteful downtime by employees.

Computer Internet Monitoring

Computer Internet Monitoring

Computer Internet Monitoring devices are among the most popular gadgets in spy technology.  They incorporate both software and hardware monitoring under the one umbrella.  Software products will cover both Windows and MAC operating systems, and hardware monitoring devices also include:

  • Keyloggers
  • Password Breaker Sticks
  • Keystealth Devices
  • USB Snoopers
  • Prank Sticks (to lighten the mood in the office!)

The idea behind such equipment is that you can keep track of what's happening on any desktop or laptop from afar.  Just imagine for a moment being able to see exactly what someone has been typing on their computer - you could uncover a serious fraud that's happening in your office, or simply see what your teenage son is getting up to on his PC when he's locked away in his room.. then again, do you really want to know that???

Five (5) great uses:

  • Capture all online and offline activity from an employee's desktop to make sure there is nothing untoward going on in office hours
  • Keep a record of IM chat details if you are being targeted and are the subject of a hate campaign - you can later present the evidence to police for them to investigate further
  • Use a Windows password breaker stick to access your system if it has been hacked and the passwords have been changed, allowing you to take back control of any compromised accounts
  • The Sweet Revenge Prank device will let you download any content onto someone else's computer in seconds - great little gadget to get a few office laughs!
  • Keylogging devices will monitor any keyboard activity accurately and send you a report - genius!
The list of applications are many, and people will have their own reasons for purchasing internet spying such as these.  Above all, you should remember that they are perfectly legal to use to represent to the police and for presentation in a Court of Law.

Key logging
One of the most popular forms of this type of device is the keylogger - allowing you full access to all keyboard activity.  Whether its chat room conversations or emails of a sensitive nature, it all goes through the keyboard at some point and - word for word - details of everything which is written could be pinging its way to your inbox as soon as that enter button has been pressed. 

These handy little USB sticks allow you to monitor another desktop or laptop in real time so you can see exactly what's going on - as it actually happens!  From cheating partners who conduct their affairs virtually to secretive teenagers who won't tell you a thing - there's a ton of reasons why you might want to monitor the goings-on of a specific computer.

Our computer gadgets are designed with precision and are hi-tech pieces of equipment.

All the above information is only a general insight as there are so many to choose from, each with their own benefits and uses.

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