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Spy Phone Software

Spy Phone Software
Mobile security software began its journey back in early 2005 for Nokia handsets commonly referred to as a spy phone / spyphone which was a software which could be transferred via bluetooth to the target handset and remain hidden whilst sending all User activity directly to a second mobile phone in the format of standard text messages.  

Jump forward to the current date and Spyphone software has advanced where now it is possible to install such spy gadgets to the standard phone of Android, iPhone, Windows and tablet devices.  Currently, we have available tried and tested spy bugging software for the latest handsets with a vast array of covert features.

Popular features include turning the mobile phone into a GSM listening device allowing you to discreetly monitor audio surveillance of the surrounding environment.  Another amazing feature even records the incoming and outgoing telephone calls and pinpoints the handsets location to street level.  For use as a security software in the event your handset is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe sensitive data or apply a lock screen to the handset.

The use of mobile spy software is used by concerned parents who offer the modified handset to their children as a safety device or to an elderly relative or employee to keep track on their current location.

Spy Phone Software

Spy Phone Software

Spy phone software is a must-have if you need to monitor a mobile handset.  We have downloadable software available for the following mobile operating systems:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Windows

The idea behind such applications is that you can monitor data occuring on any mobile phone - from tracing a stolen handset to messages and roaming details.

Six (6) great uses:

  • To locate a stolen mobile phone
  • Reading transcripts of text messages
  • Getting a complete call log
  • Keeping track of a child's handset when they are out and about
  • Review a web history
  • Geo-fencing capabilities on selected software to be alerted when a handset moves out of a set perimeter
The list of applications is pretty endless - and everybody has their own reasons behind buying software such as this.  Above all, remember that it is perfectly legal to use in order to present to the police if needed, and also for presentation in a Court of Law.

Child Monitoring
Spy phone is perfect for use with childrens mobile phones.  Not only will you be able to monitor the handset (and your child!) in real-time, but selected software will even allow geo-fencing where you can set a perimieter such as the neighbourhood, or a series of streets and addresses, and if your child should venture beyond the set area, you will receive an alert immediately.  You are also able to monitor all activity on your child's mobile phone - from the text messages they send and receive to the call logs detailing who they have called and who has called them.

Investigating a Mobile Phone
If its a partner or a colleague that you need to investigate, all of the above features can also be useful.  You can find out where they are located at any given time, and also find a mobile if it has been stolen.  You can check if a partner has been cheating on you and sending text messages or calling someone else, and also check if a colleague is engaging in dodgy behaviour on the work mobile.

All the above information is only a very general insight as there are so reasons why you might need to use this type of mobile phone surveillance

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