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Encryption Security Devices

Encryption Security Devices
The privacy of your communications i.e.; internet browsing, mobile and landline calls, text messages, emails etc is easily open to interception and theft by third party eavesdroppers.  Many people simply do not take precautions to protect their communications and are susceptible at the very least to company data loss by rogue cyber thieves or remote electronic eavesdropping.  Encryption and security is used by lawyers, politicians, executives, police and government personnel to send and receive information securely in the safe knowledge that trojans and other governments cannot intercept their communication.

If you value your privacy and wish to encrypt your communications then we do have solutions to provide 100% security and repel phone-tapping and eavesdropping.  Our Encrypted SIM offers a secure and anonymous way to send and receive emails using 256-bit / 4096-random keys between users who each have a SIM.  This level of encryption is not possible to break even by a super computer capable of billions of calculations per second thus providing complete protection between users.

We also offer walkie talkies with the highest level encryption between users - ideal for law enforcement or for sensitive covert operations assuring no third party can intercept the transmission between users.  These talkies require a DTI License providing authorisation to allow the frequency range to be encrypted.

Our speech protection kit offers unrivalled peace of mind whereby up to six (6) persons can freely communicate around a table without worry of an unauthorised remote eavesdropper.

We can provide a professional and highly secure solution to your communications ensuring complete peace of mind for telephone calls and other electronic communications.

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DatAshur Encrypted USB
Fully Secure USB Memory Stick with AES 256-bit tamper-resistant technology. FIPS security 140-2 level 3 certified. Crypto protected SHA hashing. PIN activated. Dust / water resistant. Brute force hack defence mechanism. Windows / Mac compatible.
Our price:£39.00
DatAshur Encrypted USB

Encrypted Walkie-Talkie
100% digitally secure encrypted walkie talkie. Easy to use. Omits White Noise for attempted eavesdropping. Encrypt for any country frequency. Professional high-end walkie talkie. Crystal clear audio.
£ Call for pricing
Encrypted Walkie-Talkie

Encrypted / Secure Communications

Encrypted / Secure Communications

Encrypted / Secure Communications Software is essential if you need to ensure the security of conversations and messages which take place on a mobile handset.  We are able to offer the following types of equipment in this area:

  • Secure Handsets
  • Encryption Software
  • White Noise Boxes
  • Secure Walkie Talkies

The idea behind ecryption software and devices is that you can control the data occuring on any mobile phone - protecting it from being listened-in on, or hacked for its data.

Five (5) great uses:

  • To prevent someone from listening into a mobile phone conversation
  • Preventing hacking into a text message service
  • Protecting voicemail messages
  • To disable audio recording taking place on your handset
  • To receive alerts when someone is trying to access your handset remotely
The list of applications is huge, and everybody will have their own reasons behind buying software such as this.  Above all, remember that it is perfectly legal to use in order to present to the police if needed, and also for presentation in a Court of Law.

Younger Mobile Users
It is easy to forget that younger mobile phone users may be at threat of having their conversations listened to by people intending to do them harm.  From pranksters looking to intercept calls and messages for fun, to more sinister reasons for someone wanting to find out where your child will be meeting their friends, don't underestimate how this software could help your child.

Professional Mobile Users
There are so many reasons why someone might be wanting to listen in on your mobile phone conversations.  From finding out vital business information to trying to uncover who you are talking to and what you are talking about at any given time.  Encryption software and secure handsets will prevent this from happening and allow you to conduct your mobile phone usage in complete privacy.

All the above information is only a very general insight as there are so reasons why you might need such equipment.

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