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Spy Gadgets

Spy Gadgets Here you will find a small compilation of exciting spy gadget equipment products that do not cost a fortune but give near the same performance as other more expensive spy gadget equipment.

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Anonymous Text Message
Send an anonymous text message. Any name or number you want. Private and secure online account. Send from computer or mobile phone. Works in over 200 countries and 500 different networks.
Our price:£10.00
Anonymous Text Message

SIM Recovery Service
Forensic recovery service specifically for reading deleted SIM card content. All GSM SIM cards including 3G USIM. This is a service only.
Our price:£50.00
SIM Recovery Service

GSM Car / Vehicle Listening Bug
Simply hard-wire to the vehicle's battery - completely undetectable. Secretly listen to the vehicles environment. 1.5 meter cable microphone. Extremely long-term audio monitoring. 25 feet microphone. Quad-band operation.
Our price:£179.00
GSM Car / Vehicle Listening Bug

Nano PIR Motion Sensor
Motion activated PIR sensor. Smaller than a pack of chewing gum. Receive a text message upon movement. Real-time audio room monitoring. Ideal for holiday homes / caravans etc. Just 70 x 50 x 20 mm. Two (2) months standby.
Our price:£550.00
Nano PIR Motion Sensor

Car Fob Voice Recorder
Very discreet design. Super audio quality. Approx 12 hours recording time. Voice activated recording. 50 hours standby time. AGC technology (automatic gain control). Two (2) GB storage capacity. 25 feet microphone range.
Our price:£99.00
Car Fob Voice Recorder

Micro Camera Recorder
Micro Camera Recorder
Matchstick-size recording camera. Place / hide within the target location. 1280 x 960 HD video resolution. Integrated audio. Time / date stamp. 32 GB SD card capacity. Mounting accessories included. 80 minutes recording time (per charge).
Our price:£125.00
Micro Camera Recorder

Sweet Revenge Computer Prank
Sweet Revenge Computer Prank
The ultimate computer prank. Secretly install custom pictures, text, sounds and actual audio speech to the target computer. One second installation. Undetectable by anti-virus. Unlimited installation licenses. Sit back and watch the chaos begin!
Our price:£99.00
Sweet Revenge Computer Prank

Spy Gadgets

Spy Gadgets

Spy Gear Gadgets are the big boy toys that every bloke wants.  They cover a wide range of devices, including:

  • Covert Cameras
  • Secret Voice Recorders
  • Bug Detectors
  • Prank Gadgets
  • Data Loggers
  • Motion Sensors
  • Tracking Devices

The idea behind such equipment is that you can live the life of a secret agent, or have some covert fun with some of the most amazing hi-tech gadgets on the market.  Just think - you could have all the night vision capabilities or sophisticated tracking gadgets that would make Jason Bourne jealous!

Five (5) great uses:

  • To prank your mates with a variety of gadgets which will download stuff onto their computer, track their every movement or recover all of the text messages they tried to hard to delete!
  • Listening in on a conversation
  • To follow someone without them knowing
  • Being able to record all of your incoming telephone calls
  • Owning an invisible ink writing pen - how cool is that???
The list of applications are endless, and everybody will have their own reasons behind purchasing equipment such as these ones.  Above all, remember that they are perfectly legal to use in order to present to the police if needed, and also for presentation in a Court of Law.

Ways Of.. Being Serious
If you've accidently deleted an important message, you can use a text recovery service to recall your lost texts.  Or, you need to purchase a spy gadget in the form of a cheating partner kit to find out whether your relationship is over or not.  Or, you need to suss out your office with a bug detector kit to avoid sensitive commercial information getting into the wrong hands.  Or, you want to use a covert camera to protect your home or business premises.

Ways Of.. Being Silly
Send some anonymous text messages to your mates for a laugh - perhaps one from the Lotto telling them they've won the jackpot, or from the bank telling them they've lost everything!  Or, You wanted an invisible ink pen when you were five years old.. and nothing much has changed since then.  Or, you think it would be funny to buy a prank beeper which emits a beeping sound intermittently which will drive someone mad! 

All the above information is only a very general insight as there are so many
to choose from, each with their own benefits and uses.
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