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Home - Home / Office Security

Home / Office Security

Home / Office Security We are proud to offer low cost innovative security products for your home and office protection.  This category showcases ideas brought to life using high quality grade materials and components for long lasting reliability and performance.

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DatAshur Encrypted USB
Fully Secure USB Memory Stick with AES 256-bit tamper-resistant technology. FIPS security 140-2 level 3 certified. Crypto protected SHA hashing. PIN activated. Dust / water resistant. Brute force hack defence mechanism. Windows / Mac compatible.
Our price:£39.00
DatAshur Encrypted USB

Day / Night Dome Camera Recorder
Miniature portable dome camera for car / home / office surveillance. Simply plugs into any USB or mains socket. Motion detection / continuous recording modes. Night vision recording. 32 GB storage capacity. Integrated audio. Time / date stamp.
Our price:£99.00
Day / Night Dome Camera Recorder

Light Bulb Camera Recorder
A screw-in bulb providing discreet surveillance for the home / office. Screw into a desk lamp, wall light etc.. Motion detection / continuous recording modes. Night vision recording. 32 GB storage capacity. Integrated audio. Time / date stamp.
Our price:£125.00
Light Bulb Camera Recorder

Table Lamp Bulb Recorder
An innocent table lamp light with hidden surveillance bulb camera. Subtle dark bulb fascia helps hide the recording camera. Full high quality colour with invisible night vision recording. Motion detection / continuous recording modes. Integrated
Our price:£149.00
Table Lamp Bulb Recorder

Outdoor HD Day / Night Camera
Outdoor HD Day / Night Camera
A camouflaged recording camera for outdoor use. 720P and full 1080P HD models available. Motion detection / scheduled recording. Six (6) months standby time. SD card storage. 65 feet detection range. 120 degree field of view. Password protecti
Our price:£179.00
Outdoor HD Day / Night Camera

Home / Office Security

Home / Office Security

Home and Office security has a wide variety of uses and applications.  The protection equipment which come under this umbrella range from cameras to hidden aids for your stuff.

Three (3) types of equipment:

  • Mini CCTV Cameras
  • Security Lubricants
  • Motion Sensors
The list of applications for such equipment are endless, but above all they are perfectly legal to use and present to the Police and also for presentation in a Court of Law.

Hidden Cameras
We have a superb mini cameras included in this section which is perfect for the protection from intruders and thieves.  With this equipment, you will know who is coming and going in your property at all times.

Security Gel / Grease
Commonly known as DNA lubricant this is used to mark your possessions so that they can be identified if stolen.  Completely undetectable to the naked eye, this material is colourless and odourless, but can be revealed under UV light.  Use this to mark your name, address, telephone number, or any other identifying mark which will link it back to you.

Motion Sensors
In a size smaller than a pack of chewing gum, these mighty little devices will let you know when movement is detected in their vicinity.  Once any movement is detected in the designated zone, you will receive a text message to alert you!

All the above information is only a general insight as there are so many to choose from, each with their own functionality.

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