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Hidden Cameras Surveillance

Hidden Cameras Surveillance
The manufacturing of spy / surveillance video recording systems for overt and covert use has taken a huge leap forward in technology over the years and therefore, the use of such hidden cameras could not be more in demand.

We offer a small but high quality range of video recording equipment including outdoor surveillance and security cameras, portable hidden spy cameras and body-worn recording cameras.  Such spy equipment can be used to gather evidence within the home, office, vehicles, and around out-buildings, farms and allotments.

It is imperative wherever possible to obtain video footage with a time and date for sensitive cases which may include disputes between neighbours, vandalism of your property, child abuse or even for your own personal welfare.  Obtaining camera evidence will strengthen your side of events and in most cases speed the intervention of Law Enforcement.

Spy recording devices can be built inside items such as a digital radio clock or mains powered adapter for long term video surveillance, standalone cameras which utilise an internal power supply can be located within the working environment with PIR movement technology, and a pinhole lens can be situated for use as a shoulder bag camera, tie camera, spectacles camera, button camera or any other body-worn garment.

Click here to view video stills taken under different lighting conditions with our body-worn surveillance camera.

Hidden Spy Cameras

Hidden Spy Cameras

This category has a multitude of uses for video surveillance.  The gadgets are defined as ‘spy’ due to their subtle appearance and they come under the following sub-sections:

  • 3G / 4G Surveillance Cameras
  • Body-Worn Spy Cameras
  • Internet Recording Cameras
  • Motion Activated Hidden Cameras
  • Outdoor Security Cameras

The cameras which are disguised as everyday household objects (many of which are under our motion activated sections) are done so with the idea that you can place them in areas around your home or office and they will not look out of place to anyone who comes across them.  Our selection of body-worn equipment are intended to be carried about your person so that you are able to monitor and record the surrounding area of wherever you go.  Popular applications for such devices are to gather discreet video and/or audio evidence without other person/s being aware that you are doing so.


  • Film an interaction where you can prove negligence for example; mistrust of a certain situation
  • Gathering video and/or audio evidence to represent your personal wellbeing where abuse is directed towards you
  • To disprove things when others claim that you said or acted in a certain way... and you are able to prove otherwise
  • To record interviews or meetings for clarification
  • As a security device for your home or office
The list of applications are endless but also very useful, and above all they are perfectly legal to use to represent to the Police and for presentation in a Court of Law.

Cameras which utilise 3G / 4G technology come in many forms, and also have a variety of uses.  Some are designed to look like everyday objects through to junction boxes and booster kits, it's the technology within these devices which is clever.  With the highest picture quality plus a highly sensitive integrated microphone, you can record video and audio data of a trader visiting your home who you suspect is trying to pull a fast one, of maybe leave a camera in the office where you have suspicions that a member of staff may be stealing.  An Internet unit which doubles as a tissue box could be left in your home to make sure your teenagers aren't up to no good while you're out of the house, or a night and day recorder might be useful as a security device to protect your vehicles or outbuildings.

All of our hidden spy cameras can be used by both individuals and businesses.  Businesses may decide to monitor premises for security, whereas individuals may decide to use them for different reasons such as enhancing personal security or keeping track of younger family members when they leave them home alone for periods.

If a camera's main use is for the purpose of incriminating someone, the camera/s can be monitored from a seperate location or the device can be placed and retrieved at a later date to check on what data has been captured.  Our motion activated are perfect for leaving for longer periods as they will only switch on when there is something to record.  And, with many of the gadgets being mains powered, you won't have to worry about battery performance.

Our range of outdoor versions are specifically designed to be heavy duty and withstand the trials of a British weather system!  From hailstones to blazing sunshine, these devices will stand up to it all.  Most of our products are also hand-built and completely covert in appearance.

All the above information is only a general insight as there are so many to choose from, each with their own functionality.

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