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Telephone Recording

Telephone Recording
Telephone recording is a legal and encouraged phone monitoring solution for the home or office to be used as an organisational tool or gathering call recording evidence.  There are various types of telephone landline recorders and products for recording mobile phone calls that we offer with discreet recording capabilities.

As technology is advancing, the older style tape recorders and dictation recorders are being surpassed by the digital era.  We offer a desktop call recording device which is a nice compact recorder that sits next to your telephone and provides a full recording and organisation of each telephone call including Caller ID, name of the person and the time and date of the call.  For more covert recording solutions we offer the Black Box and ADSL Filters using simple Plug and Play technology.  There is also the Mobile Phone Recording Lead and a smart device which plugs into your iPhone or smartphone for recording calls 'on-the-fly'.

Most of our professional range of covert landline telephone recording devices are undetectable in their appearance, and can be deployed out of sight to effectively provide long periods of telephone surveillance.

It should be noted that the monitoring of telephone calls in some countries is illegal and can be a breach of privacy.  Deploying any type of covert recording device must be done in a lawful manner and it is strongly advised to check your local laws before purchasing and using such equipment.

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BT Landline Telephone Recording Lead
Record your land-line telephone calls. Plugs into any standard BT telephone socket. Clear and interference free audio. No beeps during recording. For UK use only.
Our price:£20.00
BT Landline Telephone Recording Lead

Pocket Telephone Recording Lead
Record your mobile phone or land-line telephone calls. Plugs into the MIC socket of any standard voice recorder. Clear and interference free audio. No beeps during recording.
Our price:£25.00
Pocket Telephone Recording Lead

iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Phone Recorder
The World's smallest iPhone and Smartphone mobile phone call recorder. Plugs directly into the handsets jack socket. Four (4) GB flash memory. 144 hours of recordable call storage. Voice activated recording feature.
Our price:£129.00
iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Phone Recorder

Telephone Recorder Caller ID
Automatic landline telephone recorder for home or business use. No computer required. Up to 95 hours of recordable calls. Records caller number, name and time / date of each call. Records mobile phone calls. External speaker for room recording.
Our price:£175.00
Telephone Recorder Caller ID

Encrypted Blackbox Landline Telephone Call Recorder
A professional landline telephone call recorder for home / office use. Plugs directly into any existing telephone socket. No set-up required. Six (6) months standby time. 240 hours of telephone call storage. Audio recordings in WAV format.
Our price:£185.00
Encrypted Blackbox Landline Telephone Call Recorder

ADSL Landline Telephone Recorder
An ADSL filter for landline telephone recording. Plugs directly to telephone socket. Six (6) week standby time (per charge). 240 hours of recordable telephone calls. Recordings in WAV format. Flash memory storage. No set-up required.
Our price:£225.00
ADSL Landline Telephone Recorder

Telephone Recording

Telephone Recording

We love our range of Telephone Recording devices - they are such a great idea, and have so many invaluable uses.  We do many different items, including:

  • Leads
  • Splitters
  • Stand-alone Recorders

By purchasing a device, you will be able to record incoming / outgoing calls at the touch of a button - or with some devices you don't even need to do that!

Five (5) great uses:

  • Recording nuisance calls and gathering evidence to report to police
  • Monitoring a business line to ensure no personal calls are made
  • Listening into your partner's calls to prevent unfair financial gain throughout a divorce
  • Monitoring your children's phone calls for safety and peace of mind
  • Having a recorded account of business transactions conducted over the telephone
There is a big list of applications for such equipment, and many reasons why someone would feel the need to record calls.  Above all, this equipment is perfectly legal to use to represent to the Police and for presentation in a Court of Law.

Recording Leads / Cables
Usually these leads will replace your existing telephone cable and plug into an external recording device such as a dictaphone or any other voice recorder.  It's a case of 'plug and play' and this type of gadget is perfect for the homeowner who is experiencing nuisance phone calls.  Relatively cheap to buy, this is a good cheap solution - and perfect if you already own a recorder.

Automatic Recorders
These will consist of a cable which is linked to a voice recorder and will simply plug into your existing phone and record the details of all incoming / outgoing calls.  These devices are ideally suited to an office environment where you have a high volume of calls which you can sift through at a later date.  We would also recommend these products to someone getting a high level of nuisance phone calls at home.

Most of our products are also hand-built to offer far superior quality.

All the above information is only a general insight as there are so many to choose from, each with their own benefits and uses.

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