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ProCam Mobile Phone Recorder

ProCam Mobile Phone Recorder
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Fully functional Mobile Phone; with hidden HD recording camera and live 3G viewing

This is a professional hidden HD 720P video camera meticulously hand-built inside a FULLY FUNCTIONAL mobile phone.  Even under the close scrutiny, the handset will allow you to carry out discreet undercover recordings of the most observational subject.  This handset is painstakingly engineered with a superior front-facing hidden camera cleverly integrated inside the handset's top headphone socket.

Additionally, the handset can GPS tag and covertly send video footage / images over 3G, Wi-Fi, GSM and Bluetooth infrastructure to other operatives.

Preliminary aimed towards the Police / Government sectors, the available mobile phones are Blackberry, LG and Samsung which can easily be passed to another user, and as you would expect from such high-level spy equipment, all video footage is accompanied with clear audio PLUS time / date stamp of each recording for evidential purposes.
To help you get the most from your product, we supply a high quality Class 10 SD card at no extra cost!


Fully functional handset
This is the only professional special ops hidden video recorder, expertly migrated into a fully functional mobile phone.  All aspects of the handsets functionality remain intact.

Unique front-facing camera
The camera is professionally camouflaged within the top headphone jack to give as much authenticity as possible.

Fast manual recording
Natural interaction of the handset keypad secretly activates and deactivates hidden recording under your command.  The handset can be used as normal even whilst recording is taking place!  All video footage is recorded in 720P HD resolution / 30 frames per second and accompanied with audio and a time / date stamp as evidential proof.

Please Note: A 64 GB SD card is enough capacity to record and store over 100 hours of footage.

Live remote streaming
Under your command, you can discreetly send real-time footage / images to other operatives over the 3G and Wi-Fi network.  Data can also be sent over GSM and Bluetooth too.

Quality workmanship
Designed and built specifically for high-end covert recordings, and aimed towards government, law enforcement, PI, and journalists.  This is cutting edge spy technology of the highest order.

The authenticity of the product will pass any visual inspection.  This handset can be used as normal whilst discreetly recording the activities within the field operational environment, and accompanied with audio and time / date stamp with the capability to relay to other operatives as evidential proof. 

  • Fully functional mobile phone
  • Professionally engineered to the highest level
  • Custom designed to your requirements
  • Front-facing hidden camera
  • Full colour or black / white video recording
  • Snapshot recording
  • High-definition (720P) resolution
  • Frame rate - 30 fps (frames per second)
  • Password protected hidden access menu
  • Display screen operates as normal even whilst recording
  • Real-time image streaming over the 3G or Wi-Fi network
  • Data can also be remotely sent via GSM or Bluetooth
  • Time and date stamp
  • Storage capacity - approx 100 hours
  • Recording time - four (4) hours
  • Recording format - SD card
  • SD card capacity - 64 GB
  • Video file format - three (3) GP
  • Audio file format - WMA
  • Picture file format - JPEG
  • Quad-band frequency - 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • Supports GSM / WCDMA / EDGE / GPRS / HSDPA
  • Supplied with HD mobile phone, FREE 32 GB SD card, accessories, mains charger, presentation case and User Guide
  • Ideal for mystery shoppers, private investigators, police, reporters, or businesses and individuals for evidential purposes


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