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3G Mini Remote Security Camera

3G Mini Remote Security Camera
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Remote 3G Miniature Security Camera; with motion detection and 60 hours recording time

Smaller than a cigarette packet, this is a professionally hand-built miniature 3G Camera Recorder, ideal for placing / hiding within the target location - allowing you to remotely monitor the activities directly from your mobile phone using a host of robust in-built features.  This 3G recording camera is manufactured to the highest possible standards of engineering, including a new engine module, new sharper focal lens and upgraded software to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for performance and reliability.

Once deployed, the 3G camera uses an advanced omni-directional antenna to provide a constant and reliable 3G / GSM signal where other units will fail.  Your connected Video Call allows you to discreetly monitor the target location providing full colour video with audio directly on your mobile phone.  You may then record over 60 hours of live footage to a hidden Micro SD card - which can later be removed and played back through any compatible media player including mobile phones, computers etc.

Please Note:  3G recording does not provide a time and date stamp.

The 3G camera is equipped with a sensitive motion sensor which will alert your mobile phone immediately once movement is detected.  You may then dial in to see the activity taking place or allow the 3G camera to automatically record the activities.  Using your handset's keypad you can pan, tilt and zoom the 3G camera so nothing escapes its field of view.

Finally, the 3G camera is secure by password protection - allowing you to remotely add / remove up to 20 further recipients access to the camera.

This 3G camera is an extremely high-end model professionally engineered using quality materials for complete peace of mind.  There are NO shadow lines around the picture edges and NO image break-up or distortion to spoil your viewing pleasure.  The audio is exceptionally clear for unsurpassed listening quality.

The 3G camera is completely portable and ideal to operate in any home / office environment as a stand-alone security application without arousing any suspicion.


Professional workmanship
Built from the ground up, this is an extremely high-end model using only the highest quality components and materials.  Each 3G camera is meticulously engineered for 100% reliability and performance - and to be used under the most demanding conditions.

Genuine 3G camera with high sensitivity microphone
We only use a GENUINE 3G camera and never a cheap dismantled mobile phone found on other inferior 3G products.  Our quality 3G camera offers full colour with a full picture screen combined with unsurpassed audio.

Omni-directional high-gain antenna
Mounted with a powerful 360 degree antenna ensures low level 3G / GSM signals are attained - enabling continued and uninterrupted use even under difficult conditions.

Long battery performance
The 3G camera is designed as a self-contained and portable device ready to be deployed within any room environment.  The unit will remain powered for 200 hours standby providing discreet voice calling for a total four (4) hours and video calling for three (3) hours.

The 3G camera may also be powered from the mains supply via the supplied mains charger and USB cable for extremely long term video surveillance.

Motion activated with instant notification
You will never need to wonder if anybody has entered an unauthorised area because your mobile phone will be secretly and instantly notified via text message and / or call whilst evidence is being recorded to the SD card hidden inside the unit.

Secure password protection
You (as the administrator) will be the main controller of the unit.  You may allow up to 20 additional recipients which may be remotely added / removed under your command.

No technical knowledge needed
No configuration to set up, No software to install, No drivers / firmware to update.  Whilst the build quality and technology is outstanding - this unit is Plug & Play simplicity!  You will be up and running 30 seconds from opening the box.

Which SIM card network do I use inside the 3G camera recorder?
The 3G camera recorder supports any network with 3G capabilities.  We supply the network '3' SIM card which is pre-installed in your camera and ready to operate straight out the box.  SIM cards are easily changed should you be purchasing for delivery to another country.

Please Note:  USA customers please check you are suitable for 3G video calling.

Click here for our easy guide to finding a suitable 3G network

This 3G camera is built by our engineers for 100% satisfaction guarantee.  The finish is clean and professional as you would expect from our products and offers outstanding video and audio with motion detection and recording capabilities.

Please allow for up to seven (7) working days delivery on this product due to each being hand-built to order.

Please Note: Due to the winding down of 3G cameras, this item is now only built to to a customers specific order.  We do not keep stock of this item and each unit will be custom build for the customer.
  • Compact 3G camera recorder 
  • Professionally hand-built
  • Self-contained and portable
  • Genuine 3G camera with high sensitivity audio microphone
  • Omni-directional high-gain antenna for superior 3G / GSM signal boost
  • Infa-red technology allows remote viewing under low light conditions
  • Video call from anywhere in the World with a 3G coverage
  • View, listen and record in real-time directly on your mobile phone or PDA
  • Standby time - 200 hours 
  • Voice calling - four (4) hours
  • Video calling - three (3) hours
  • Recording time - 60 hours
  • Recording format - Micro SD card
  • SD card capacity - maximum two (2) GB
  • Motion activated
  • Text message upon motion activation
  • Auto recording upon motion detection
  • Password protected access
  • Mains powered for long-term surveillance
  • Frequency - 850 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
  • UL / DL rate - UMTS 384 KBPS
  • Camera - 300 K pixels with pan / tilt and zoom
  • Connectivity - USB 2.0
  • Fully rechargeable lithium battery - 1500 mAh
  • Video - MPEG4 / H.263
  • Audio - AMR / ACC / MP3
  • Dimensions - 120 x 135 x 85 mm
  • Weight - 230 grams
  • Unsurpassed quality, reliability and performance guaranteed
  • Supplied with 3G camera recorder, mains charger, 3 SIM card and User Guide
  • Ideal for remotely monitoring your home / office environment and gathering footage for evidential purposes
Please Note:  Download the guide from the web page description to help you establish the best 3G network for your area or country.

Please Note: Due to the winding down of 3G cameras, this item is now only built to to a customers specific order.  We do not keep stock of this item and each unit will be custom build for the customer.
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