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Socket Lead Voice Activated Recorder

Socket Lead Voice Activated Recorder Socket Lead Voice Activated RecorderSocket Lead Voice Activated RecorderSocket Lead Voice Activated Recorder

OUR PRICE: £199.00 (£238.80 incl VAT)

A Voice Activated Extension Socket Lead Recorder; with 576 hours recording time

This fully functional mains powered extension socket lead is cleverly integrated with a voice recording chipset which automatically records audio when voices are detected.  The voice recorder is powered from the mains electrical supply so the moment the socket lead is plugged into any wall socket it is ready to work.  This socket lead is the next generation in discreet audio surveillance providing unlimited standby time and up to 576 hours (24 days) of voice activated recording time.

Simply plug the socket lead within the target location that you wish to record audio - whether that is an important meeting, interview, or general conversation to record audio evidence.  An in-built high quality module combined with a highly sensitive microphone provides very clear interference-free recordings.

The workmanship is unsurpassed in this industry - providing very clear recorded audio some 25 feet from where the socket lead is plugged.

The socket lead is designed to record upon voice activation once plugged into any mains electrical socket - automatically recording when it detects sounds above a pre-set threshold.  Recordings will continue until the socket lead is satisfied no further sounds are taking place and then automatically saves the audio file/s in WAV format to a removable Micro SD card inside the unit.  This cycle will continue until the Micro SD card is full.  The larger the Micro SD card used, the more recordable audio files can be stored.

Voice activation is a great feature that records the relevant audio as and when required without the need to trawl through an entire recording.

To help you get the most from your product, we supply a high quality Class 10 SD card at no extra cost!
To play back stored recordings simply remove the Micro SD card and play on your computers Window Media Player or any other compatible media player.  Audio recordings can also be stored to your computer, archived or emailed in seconds.

The socket lead operates as a normal home or office appliance with four (4) working sockets.  The internal engineering is first-class.

Please Note: The length of the cable shown is only for illustration purposes.  The actual length of the cable is standard one (1) meter.  If you require a longer cable length please contact us.

  • Fully functional mains powered four (4) socket lead with voice activated recording
  • Professionally hand-built
  • Plug and Play technology
  • No visible lights / sounds / vibrations / moving parts
  • Audio distance - approx 25 feet
  • Standby time - unlimited
  • Recording time - approx 576 hours / 24 hours
  • Recording quality - 128 KPBS
  • Recording format - WAV
  • Storage format - Micro SD card.  One (1) GB = approx 17 hours recording capacity
  • Compatibility - Windows / Mac computer
  • Supplied with four (4) socket lead voice recorder, a two (2) GB SD card + FREE 32 GB SD card and User Guide
  • Ideal for capturing audio evidence within the home / office or important meetings, interviews, dictation, or verbal slander audio for evidential purposes
Please Note:  The length of the cable is only for illustration purposes - the actual cable is of normal length at one (1) meter.  If you require a longer cable length please contact us.

How good is the audio recording quality?
The audio is super clear quality and extremely reliable.  It really is a stella recording product - the workmanship is unsurpassed.

How is the socket lead powered to record?
The socket lead simply plugs into your existing mains wall socket - which constantly powers the voice recording chipset.  No recharging or batteries are required.  The moment the socket lead receives a power supply it is ready to record upon detecting sounds / noise / conversations.

Each recording will continue until no further audio is detected and that recording is saved to a hidden removable Micro SD card inside the socket lead.  The recording cycle will continue until either removed from the wall socket, the electrical power is disconnected, or the Micro SD card memory is full.

Are there any lights or other suspicious indicators when recording?
No.  Even by handling the socket lead it is not possible to know of its secret functionality.

Can I plug another electrical appliance into the socket lead?
Yes.  The socket lead is fully functional and can be used just like normal - but also provides fantastic covert audio recording.

What is the standby time?
Unlimited!  Because the socket lead receives its power source from the wall socket it can remain ready to record over a period of days, weeks, or many months.  

How many hours of voice activated recordings will the socket lead store?
We supply a two (2) GB Micro SD card which is enough to store approx 34 hours of audio recording.  A 32 GB card will store approx 576 hours - that's 24 days of audio recording!

How do I play-back the audio?
Because the socket lead is so well disguised, you need to unscrew the socket lead and remove the top lid to expose the Micro SD card.  The audio recordings stored on the Micro SD card will play on any Windows / Mac computer or any other compatible media player.

Can I use the socket lead voice recorder anywhere?
Yes.  The socket lead is completely portable and can be plugged into any room environment.

Can you supply different electrical devices for different countries?
Yes.  We can supply Adapters, Double Wall Sockets, and Extension Socket Leads for UK, European and USA customers.

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