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Listen Through Walls Wireless Mono

Listen Through Walls Wireless Mono

OUR PRICE: £3500.00 (£4200.00 incl VAT)
Not for sale within the EU

Listen Through Walls Wireless; with superior UHF sensitivity contact wall microphone

This is a professional high-end Listen Through Wall unit utilising UHF amplifier technology for unsurpassed listening quality.  Constructed in the finest of materials and designed to government standards - the quality and engineering is truly magnificent enabling the user to listen through solid concrete walls up to 20 inches thick!  The unit is so sensitive that you can not only place the direction of person/s behind any solid wall but also hear the slightest of whispers!

Furthermore, as the unit is wireless, you can simply attach the contact wall microphone to any wall surface without the need to be physically at the location and listen from some 800 meters away on the supplied Receiver!

This LTW device is equipped with an automatic sound filter which helps eliminate unwanted background noises plus a sound limiter for reducing any possible foreground bangs that could damage your ear drum.  The transducer casing is made of full aluminum and coated with special plastic providing an excellent shielding against radiation such as GSM or ISM interferences.
Unlike many LTW devices, this unit does not use a contact pin therefore, can easily be attached to the wall by use of our 'magic' putty which leaves no marks or residue once removed.

Search and rescue
Hear people trapped in basements, elevators, under rubble etc.
Bomb detection
Listen through packages for timers.

Police, Military and Government
Tactical use in hostage, volatile and unpredictable situations.
Find problems in engines, transmissions and other mechanical apparatus.
Pest control
Find location of insects or rodent infestations, active termite colonies in walls, ceilings and floors.
Find location of leaking pipes in concrete or walls.
Noisy neighbours
Record verbal loud noise or music.

This unit is supplied with an extremely sensitive wireless acoustic amplifier.  Please view the image by clicking here

Please Note:  One (1) acoustic wall amplifier is supplied and not the two (2) as shown in the illustration.

Please Note:  Listen through wall devices operate effectively on thicker solid walls as opposed to thinner walls or walls made of plaster board.  Brick walls that have a cavity layer will not work effectively.

This is an extremely high-end model built by professionals and using a powerful UHF amplifier to satisfy the most demanding applications. 
  • Professional highest quality design
  • Wireless UHF technology
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Coated and sealed
  • Earphone output socket
  • Recording output socket
  • Contact MIC input socket
  • Fine tuning sensitivity control settings
  • Extremely sensitive acoustic amplifier
  • Automatic sound filtering for eliminating unwanted background noise
  • Automatic sound limiter for cushioning loud foreground noises that could damage your ear drum
  • Omni-directional audio quality
  • No contact pin
  • Attaches to the any wall surface with 'magic' putty and leaves no marks or residue when removed
  • Listen through solid objects up to 50 cm's / 20 inches thick
  • Transmitter PLL frequency - 426 MHz - 429 MHz
  • Modulation - FM 12 KHz / WFM 50 KHz
  • Transmitting power - 20 mW
  • Fully rechargeable lithium battery
  • Power consumption - 8 mA
  • Spurious / harmonic wave dumping > 60 db
  • Dimensions - 112 x 75 x 20 mm
  • Weight - 170 grams
  • Range - 150 meters inside building / up to 800 meters open view
  • Two-channel receiver frequency stabilization PLL
  • Power supply - 12 V 1000 mAh / batteries option
  • Power consumption - 400 mA
  • Dimensions - 200 x 250 x 90 mm
  • Weight - 1500 grams
  • Headphone outlet - 6.5 mm Klinke stereo
  • Recording outlet - 3.5 mm Klinke stereo; 100 mV @ 50 KOHM
  • Audio output - 2x 500 mW @ eight (8) OHM
  • Supplied with wireless mono listen through wall, earphones, magic putty and 1x lithium battery
  • Ideal for discreetly gathering audio evidence through solid brick walls
Please Note:  Listen through wall devices operate effectively on thicker solid walls as opposed to thinner walls or walls made of plaster board.  Brick walls that have a cavity layer will not work effectively.

Please Note:  This product is strictly for export outside of the EU only.  Please contact us via telephone or email to discuss legal requirements of this equipment.
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