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Non-Linear Junction Detector V.36

Non-Linear Junction Detector V.36
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Non-Linear Junction Detector; locates all semi-conductor hidden video and audio devices

This powerful Non-Linear Junction Detector 36 is an indispensable hand-held tool for locating all kinds of electronic (hidden) devices (even if switched OFF) that contain semi-conductor elements, including eavesdropping devices, microphone amplifiers, audio-recording and remote controlled devices plus numerous other advanced electronic hidden devices.

The non-linear detector will easily pinpoint such equipment from a safe distance through a laser guided scope and even when hidden within premises of a high density of electronic equipment. 

The non-linear detector is professionally manufactured to take advantage of three (3) times a wider detection range using a superior probing signal frequency combined with a very narrow directional antenna which will accurately pinpoint non overlapping frequencies between 3580 - 10860 MHz with high precision any semi-conductor element even those hidden by various materials such as cracks, unearthed screens, or through reflection from smooth surfaces, for example; a SIM card can be detected from a distance of one (1) meter.

The junction detector has an ergonomic lightweight design, and is supplied with wireless earphones which allow you to keep your hands-free to operate the unit either in an automatic or manual mode of the pulse probing signal.

This non-linear junction detector 36 is a superior quality product to compliment your existing range of anti-surveillance spy equipment or simply for use by businesses and individuals who value their privacy.

  • Professional non-linear junction detector 
  • Accurately pinpoints from a safe distance any semi-conductor element
  • Identify's potential eavesdropping, amplifiers, recording and remote controlled devices even in high density areas
  • Capable of detecting hidden devices even if switched OFF
  • Unique laser guided probe
  • Analogue and digital signal detection
  • High sensitivity to locate even the weakest bugs
  • Pulse probing signal
  • Pinpoints non overlapping frequencies between 3580 - 3620 MHz
  • Receiver frequency at 2nd harmonics - 7160 - 7240 MHz
  • Receiver frequency at 3rd harmonics - 10740 - 10860
  • Antenna gain factor at 1st harmonics - 20 dB
  • Antenna gain factor at 2nd harmonics - 24 dB
  • Capacity pulse signal - 20 W 
  • Energy potential - 2000 W
  • Sensitivity at 2nd and 3rd harmonics - -110 dB
  • Dynamic range - more than 40 dB
  • Angle of antenna directivity diagram (at 1st / 2nd / 3rd harmonics) - 16 / 8 / 4 grade
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Fully rechargeable lithium battery
  • Operating time - three (3) hours
  • Dimensions - 446 x 300 x 226 mm
  • Weight 1.2 KG
  • Supplied with non-linear junction detector 36, wireless headphones, universal 110 - 240 V charger and User Guide
  • Ideal for use by Police and Government or businesses and individuals who wish to protect their privacy
Please Note:  A delivery time of seven (7) working days upon payment.


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