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Tiny Wi-Fi Black Box Voice Recorder

Tiny Wi-Fi Black Box Voice Recorder
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Miniature Wi-Fi Voice / Audio Recorder; with real-time listening, recording, and remote transfer of audio

This is a professional hand-built voice / audio recorder with its own in-built Wi-Fi technology measuring just 55 x 15 x 35 mm.  Externally powered and capable of transmitting real-time audio AND transferring recorded audio to a nearby location on your Windows laptop / desktop.  Preliminary designed for law enforcement, simply connect the Wi-Fi recorder to an external power source for example: the rear USB port of a desktop computer etc.. to provide long-term audio recording surveillance!

The Wi-Fi recorder is supplied with a Widget Tool / RC Manager software for configuring the settings and to connect remotely to the device.  To boost the receiving signal range we include an external Wi-Fi antenna which plugs into your laptop.

  • Monitor real-time audio where the Wi-Fi device is situated from your Windows laptop / desktop
  • Activate recording of the Wi-Fi device from your Windows laptop / desktop
  • Transfer / download recorded audio from the Wi-Fi device to your Windows laptop / desktop
The Wi-Fi recorder device (transmitter) communicates directly to your Windows computer (receiver).  Although simple to use, the technology is excellent, providing a solution to monitoring and gathering audio evidence over long periods and without regular access.

The Wi-Fi recorder supports an SD card (16 GB supplied) to store audio recordings - enough to hold over 150 hours of high quality voice recordings.  The highly sensitive omni-directional microphone provides outstanding audio clarity, and the on-board electronics allow 24 hours of recorded data to be transferred to your computer in just five (5) minutes!

To provide continued use in the event of power failure, the Wi-Fi recorder is integrated with a 'back-up' lithium battery can operate for up to 120 hours (depending on Wi-Fi usage).  

Please Note: The back-up battery will provide 120 hours calculated when using eight (8) kHz continuous recording, once per day Wi-Fi transfer, and no live listening).  For live listening the back-up battery will last four (4) hours.

Once recorded audio is transferred to your computer, the memory of the Wi-Fi device is wiped in order to continue recording until the next manual download / transfer.

All audio recordings are time / date stamped for evidential purposes.

  • A tiny black box device with in-built Wi-Fi technology
  • Externally powered by computer etc
  • Real-time audio monitoring and recording
  • Transfer recorded audio over Wi-Fi to your computer
  • Back-up lithium battery in the event of power failure
  • High sensitivity integral microphone with a 35 feet omni-directional range
  • Sample rate - 8'000 KHz - 16'000 KHz
  • Recording time - 150 hours @ 16'000 kHz / 300 hours @ 8'000 kHz
  • Recording format - WAV
  • Storage capacity - SD card / 16 GB maximum
  • Password protected access
  • Time & date stamping
  • Internal real time clock and calendar
  • Audio recordings can be played back, stored, archived or emailed
  • Voice activation feature
  • Scheduled timer - specify a time / date to automatically start / stop recording
  • Format of stored data - 16-bit
  • Selectable compression settings
  • Operating temperature - 0 - +40 degrees
  • Signal to noise ratio - 80 dB
  • Audio input - optional connection of an external microphone
  • In-built automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Data rate transfer - 11 M-bit / 24 hours in five (5) minutes
  • Output power of Wi-Fi - 20 dB
  • Antenna - integrated two (2) dBi
  • Wi-Fi modes - 802.11g / 802.11b
  • Voltage - 3.6 - 6.0 V
  • Dimensions - 55 x 15 x 35 mm
  • Compatible with Windows 32 / 64-bit / Vista / Windows 7
  • Supplied with Wi-Fi voice / audio recorder, Widget Tool / RC Manager software USB cable, mains power adapter, USB Wi-Fi dongle and User Guide
  • Ideal for police, businesses, or individuals for evidential purposes

How small is the Wi-Fi recorder?
The device measures just 55 x 15 x 35 mm.

We are law enforcement.  Do we need a license to use this device?
No.  The device does not interfere with, or use unauthorised Wi-Fi access of third parties but instead uses its own internal Wi-Fi.

How is the Wi-Fi recorder powered?
The device must be connected to an external power source for example: an available computer desktop USB port.

What format is each audio file created?
WAV format which is supported by many different audio players.

How do I make a recording?
We supply the device with a custom Widget Tool / RC Manager software for use with Windows operating systems.  The software is the control panel which allows you to command varied configurations including voice activation, scheduled recording, daily recording etc.  For integrity, all recordings are stored and archived in chronological order with time / date stamp.

How many hours can the Wi-Fi device store?
A 16 GB Micro SD card is supplied - enough to store 150 hours @ 16'000 KHz or 300 hours @ 8'000 KHz.

How fast is the transfer time from Wi-Fi recorder to computer?
24 hours of recorded audio can be transferred in just five (5) minutes.  It is recommended that you transfer data on a regular basis to avoid allowing the SD card to become full.

What happens if the SD card becomes full?
There are two (2) configurations - record until the SD card is full or loop recording.  Using loop recording means when the SD card is full the earliest audio is overwritten.

Can anybody access the stored audio files?
No.  Firstly, without the software it is not possible to use the device but also the device can be set with password protection to the data folder.

Can I use this Wi-Fi recorder Worldwide?
Yes.  Providing the external power source is between 3.6 - 6.0 Volts.

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