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Spectacles Hidden Camera

Spectacles Hidden Camera Spectacles Hidden CameraSpectacles Hidden CameraSpectacles Hidden Camera

OUR PRICE: £199.00 (£238.80 incl VAT)

Optional Extras 


Slimline Spectacles; with Concave Lens Design optional body-worn digital video recorder

These are the next generation of slimline camera spectacles - the most realistic, and a fantastic unisex design for use by either a man or women.  Additionally, the clever concave design of the arms superbly blends the camera lens for confidence of use.

In earlier models of spectacle design, the camera lens was fitted on a flat surface which is rather obvious, however, these new spectacles provide a much more natural camera placement within a concave design - in effect the lens is very difficult to notice.  These spectacles are without doubt an excellent body-worn surveillance product for gathering video and audio evidence with complete confidence.

A thin cable from the rear frame of each spectacle arm plugs directly into the digital video recorder situated about your person.  Video footage is stored to a removable Micro SD card inside the DVR which can be played on any Windows / Mac computer.

All the necessary cables for connecting the DVR and watching recorded footage on your computer or play back on a TV monitor are included.

Video resolution of the spectacles is 480 TVL full colour with clear audio.  This recording package is ideal for mystery shoppers, private investigators, law enforcement or individuals who may wish to record vandalism, disputes or any other undercover recording in complete confidence.

Please select from two (2) fantastic digital video recorders to accompany your specs camera from the drop down menu above:

This miniature DVR measures just 73 x 39 x 15 mm and weighs just 48 grams making it one of the smallest digital video recorders available.  The cable from the spectacles camera plugs directly into the DVR and provides sufficient power for approx 90 minutes before a recharge is required.  Video / audio footage is stored to a Micro SD card which can be removed from the DVR and the footage played, archived or emailed to other recipients on any Windows / Mac computer.  All necessary cables are also supplied for watching recorded footage on your computer or TV monitor.

Although there is no screen display due to its incredibly small size, this is a super little DVR to accompany the specs camera and all footage is stamped with a time / date for evidential purposes.

Click here to view the matchbox DVR.

To help you get the most from your product, we supply a high quality Class 10 SD card with this DVR ONLY and at no extra cost!

This is the pinnacle of miniature DVR's - a true HD digital video recorder with future-proof technology.  The EVO2 is the latest 3" touchscreen DVR.  The quality build and performance of this device is absolutely stunning.

The cable from the specs camera plugs directly into this DVR and provides sufficient power for approx three (3) hours before a recharge is required.

This HD model provides:
  • A user friendly 960 x 240 TFT LCD display - stunning with vivid pin-sharp image quality
  • Three (3) hours recording time (per charge) - an increase of 90 minutes over the matchbox DVR for those operations which require longer performance
  • Continuous / motion detect / schedule / snapshot / overwrite recording modes
  • Password protected access - block unauthorised access to recorded files or functions of the DVR
  • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution screen
  • 32 GB SD card capacity - stores hours of recordable footage before the need to transfer files to a computer
  • Dimensions 85 x 55 x 15 mm / weight 70 grams
  • Supplied with all accessories
Simply choose the DVR of your choice to accompany the spectacles camera from the drop down menu above.

Spectacles Specification
  • Super slimline spectacles
  • Unisex design for use by either a man / woman
  • 480 TVL resolution
  • 1/3” CMOS sensor
  • Integrated audio
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Camera lens angle - 60º
  • Illumination sensitivity - 0.05 lux
  • Lens F/No - 1.2
  • Focal lens - 0.99 mm
  • Lens diameter - 5.75
  • Dimensions - 5.75 x 43 mm
  • Weight - 21 grams
Please Note: To maintain a slimline spectacle design, a thin cable runs from the rear arms of the spectacles down your collar to plug directly into the DVR which is body-worn about your person.

Matchbox DVR Specification
  • Very small DVR
  • Brushed black casing
  • Two button operation (start / stop recording)
  • Resolution - 720 x 576 D1
  • Frame rate - 25 FPS (frames per second)
  • 32 GB SD card storage capacity
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • Recording time - approx 90 minutes (per charge)
  • Analogue camera input
  • LED indicator
  • Vibration mode
  • Direct connection wire controller
  • Time and date stamp
  • Video file format - AVI
  • LED status 
  • Charging time - approx three (3) hours 
  • Power type - DC 3.7 V / 800 mA lithium 
  • Power consumption - 290 mA - 370 mA
  • Storage temperature - -20 C - 80 C 
  • Working temperature - 0 C - 60 C 
  • Operating system - Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac 
  • Dimensions - 73 x 39 x 15 mm 
  • Weight - 48 grams 
  • Supplied with unisex design spectacles camera, matchbox DVR, DVR shirt clip, wired remote controller, protective case, USB cable, FREE 32 GB SD card and User Guide
  • Ideal for mystery shoppers, private investigators, police, reporters, or businesses and individuals for evidential purposes

We need to have the very best body-worn spectacles camera available!

Quality workmanship guaranteed.  This equipment is preliminary designed for law enforcement surveillance but has now become available to the commercial market.  The spectacles are slimline with a unisex design and a professionally fitted camera within the concave arm.

What is the difference between the camera lens fitted on a flat surface or fitted within a concave surface?
Simply put, it is much easier to notice a camera lens when it is fitted to a flat surface.  However, a camera lens fitted within a curve creates a slight distortion to the human eye by casting a shadow over the camera lens which actually makes it much less noticeable.

Are there any wires attached to the spectacles?
In order to design the frame as slim as possible, a thin cable runs out from each arm which plugs directly into a body-worn DVR recorder which is body-worn about your person.  To make the cables less conspicuous, wearing a high collar, a scarf, or people with longer hair will benefit considerably.

Is the specs camera difficult to setup?
No.  The cable from the specs camera plugs directly into the DVR, then the DVR screen (HD model) displays what the specs are looking at.  You will be amazed at just how easy the system is to use.

Which DVR should be recommended?
Both the matchbox DVR and the HD EVO2 1080P touchscreen DVR are professional grade quality.  If you require a touchscreen display plus a longer battery performance of three (3) hours then the EVO2 DVR is the better option.

To help you get the most from your product, we supply a high quality Class 10 SD card with the Matchbox DVR ONLY and at no extra cost!

Do the spectacles record a wide angle view?
The specs camera has a 60 degree field-of-view therefore, the camera will capture what you are looking at.

How is the DVR and spectacles camera powered?
The DVR uses a fully rechargeable lithium battery which powers the specs camera for approx 90 minutes (matchbox DVR) or three (3) hours (HD 1080P DVR) per charge.

Is audio and a time / date supported?
Yes.  All recorded video footage is accompanied with clear audio and a time / date stamp of each recording.  The time / date can be turned OFF if you wish.

How is the video footage stored and how do I play back the footage?
Recordings are stored to a removable SD card inside the DVR.  Both DVR's support 32 GB SD card capacity.  The recorded footage can be played on the HD 1080P DVR via the in-built 3" TFT colour display or the SD card can be removed and the video footage played on your Windows / Mac computer.

Please Note: The matchbox DVR does not support a TFT screen display.

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