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Listen Through Walls Dual Microphone

Listen Through Walls Dual Microphone

OUR PRICE: £350.00 (£420.00 incl VAT)

Listen Through Walls Dual Microphones; with excellent sensitivity contact wall microphone

The next generation of Listen Through Wall devices now use a 'flat-head' contact microphone as opposed to a 'pin-head' microphone thus eliminating accidental breakages of the pin when scraped against a wall - and this latest model is no exception.  This professional device pushes listening through solid brick walls to another level by using a DOUBLE highly sensitive contact wall microphone to provide a truly superior audio listening experience in real stereo.

The unit is constructed in a heavy duty stainless chrome, and the super sensitive wall microphone will pick up audio sounds and conversations through solid walls up to 12 inches thick - which can also be captured onto a standard voice recorder by use of the devices recording socket.  This is ideal for gathering noise evidence or anti-social activity behind closed doors.

Additionally, the device is supplied with a comfortable neck strap which saves holding the amplifier in your hand for potentially long intervals.

Simply wear the amplifier around your neck and place the double contact wall microphone against any wall surface, then gently turn the volume control to best suit your ears sensitivity.  The listen through walls device converts inaudible vibrations into clear audio sounds that can be listened through the supplied earphones.


Heavy-duty chrome design
Built to last using the finest materials, this professional listen through wall sets a new benchmark in listening devices.

Dual contact wall microphone
This fantastic latest model uses not one but TWO highly sensitive flat-head wall microphones to offer a true stereo listening experience.

Comfortable neck strap
Take the stress out of holding the amplifier in your hand for long periods by wearing the supplied neck strap thus leaving your hands free to hold the wall microphone only.

Recording socket
With an integrated recording socket, now you can connect any standard voice recorder with a 3.5 mm jack socket to the amplifier unit to gather and present evidence where applicable.

Please Note:  We do not supply any connection cable.  This can be obtained from any local electronics store.

Search and rescue
Hear people trapped in basements, elevators, under rubble etc.
Bomb detection
Listen through packages for timers.
Find problems in engines, transmissions and other mechanical apparatus.
Pest control
Find location of insects or rodent infestations, active termite colonies in walls, ceilings and floors.
Find location of leaking pipes in concrete or walls.
Noisy neighbours
Record verbal loud noise or music.

Please Note:  Listen through wall devices operate effectively on thicker solid walls as opposed to thinner walls or walls made of plaster board.  Brick walls that have a cavity layer will not work effectively. 

A superb high-end professional listen through wall unit that is both practical and easy to use but will provide years of robust reliability due to professional engineering.

  • Superior listen through wall 
  • High quality design
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Coated and buffered in stainless chrome
  • Next generation dual microphone with flat-heads
  • Comfortable neck strap
  • Earphone output socket
  • Recording output socket
  • Contact MIC input socket
  • Fine tuning sensitivity control settings
  • Sensitive acoustic amplifier
  • Listen through solid walls up to 30 cm's / 12 inches thick
  • Amplifier dimensions - 85 x 57 x 29 mm
  • Contact MIC dimensions - 145 x 35 x 30 mm
  • Cable - one (1) meter
  • Amplifier weight - 172 grams
  • Microphone weight - 80 grams
  • Power supply - 1x 9 V battery
  • Battery life - 18 hours (Alkaline)
  • Input - 3.5 mm mono MIC 
  • Output - 3.5 mm stereo (ear) / 3.5 mm mono (rec)
  • Supplied with duel MIC listen through wall, earphones, 3.5 mm stereo cable, neck strap and 1x 9 V battery
  • Ideal for discreetly gathering audio evidence through solid brick walls
Please Note:  Listen through wall devices operate effectively on thicker solid walls as opposed to thinner walls or walls made of plaster board.  Brick walls that have a cavity layer will not work effectively.


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