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Pen Camera HD Recorder

Pen Camera HD Recorder Pen Camera HD RecorderPen Camera HD RecorderPen Camera HD Recorder

OUR PRICE: £125.00 (£150.00 incl VAT)

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Modern Writing Pen; with hidden HD spy camera and motion detection recording

This is the ONLY recording pen camera on the market that ensures 100% reliability and performance.  This pen encompasses a modern stylish design and can be used to portray normal functionality, however, a single press of the discreet recording button activates the hidden camera mechanism to silently capture outstanding pin-sharp video footage accompanied with exceptionally clear audio, plus a time / date stamp of each recording.

The pen can be used in almost all indoor and outdoor environments without arousing any suspicion whatsoever.  Deploy the pen as a surveillance recorder to capture events whilst in your absence around the home / office etc, or as a covert body-worn spy camera.  The pen can be innocently placed in your shirt or jacket pocket, or casually leave in a pen holder on your desk / stock room etc to capture events within the target location.

The new HD model (available from the drop down menu above) offers both continuous recording and motion detection recording at the flick of a switch!  Using motion activated recording preserves a longer battery performance because recording only takes place when movement is triggered, and eliminates pointless recording when there is no activity.  All recorded video files are relevant without the need to trawl through the entire footage.

The design of the pen really is stunning in a beautiful black / gold colour, and the entire mechanism is cleverly constructed inside the slimline 13 mm body of the pen.

The HD model is geared towards the professional user or any individual who prefers superior 1280 x 720 video resolution.  This HD model also supports motion activated recording.
  • Video recording with audio (HD)
  • Motion activated video recording with audio (HD)
With the exception of a lower 640 x 480 video resolution when compared to the HD model (1280 x 720), both model of pens are absolutely superb.
All recorded footage from either pen model is time & date stamped for evidential purposes and stored to a removable Micro SD card hidden within the body of the pen.  The SD card recorded files can be played through your Windows or Mac computer.

To help you get the most from your product, we supply a high quality Class 10 SD card at no extra cost!

This is an extremely high quality professional pen camera recorder ideally suited to gathering surveillance evidence no matter where the situation arises.

  • Fully functional writing pen with hidden HD video camera
  • World's slimmest 13 mm diameter body
  • Stunning black and gold design
  • Completely portable
  • Selectable recording modes
  • Ultra fast touch button recording
  • Video resolution - 640 x 480 (non-HD) / 1080 x 720 (HD)
  • Frame rate - 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • Time / date stamp
  • Recording time - one (1) hour
  • Recording format - Micro SD card
  • SD card capacity - 64 GB
  • Motion detection recording - HD model only.  Once triggered, recordings commence in 10 minute segments.
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Fully rechargeable in-built 160 mA lithium battery
  • Video file format - AVI
  • Audio file format - PCM 128 KBPS
  • Picture file format - MJPEG
  • LED status
  • SD card can be played through Windows / Mac 
  • Charging time - approx 2.5 hours
  • Dimensions - 13 x 140 mm
  • Weight - 35 grams
  • Supplied with HD pen camera recorder, USB Cable, FREE 32 GB SD card and User Guide. 
  • Ideal for discreetly capturing important meetings, interviews, dictation, or verbal slander audio for evidential purposes

Does the pen look normal?
Yes.  Nobody looking at the pen would identify its hidden recording capability.

Where can I place / hide the pen?
Simply wear the pen in your top shirt or jacket pocket with the hidden camera facing outwards.  You may also leave the pen on a desk or store room to capture events whilst you are absent. 

Does the hidden camera record in colour or black and white?
The pen will record in full colour @ 30 FPS (frames per second).

Does it record with audio.. and a time / date?
Yes.  All recorded video footage is accompanied with exceptionally clear audio, and a time / date stamp for evidential purposes.

Are there any LED lights or sounds when recording?
No.  A blue LED will indicate start / stop recording then absolutely NO other LED's or sounds when recording.

Does the pen have motion detect recording?
Yes.  This is a great feature of the pen.

What is the video recording time?
The pen will record for one (1) hour (per charge).

How does the pen receive its power?
A fully rechargeable lithium battery is cleverly built inside the slimline 13 mm body of the pen.

How do I play back the recorded footage?
Recordings are stored to a hidden removable Micro SD card inside the pen.  Simply insert the SD card into your Windows or Mac computer.

What capacity Micro SD card does the pen use?
A maximum 64 GB Micro SD card can be used.  A 32 GB Micro SD card is supplied - more than enough for the most demanding covert recording situations.

For such a small recording device, is the quality any good?
Yes.  This is a professional video recorder integrated inside a slimline pen and the build quality is outstanding.

Can I play back the video recordings on my Apple Mac?
Yes.  The contents of the Micro SD card can be viewed on both Windows and Mac computers.

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