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Wi-Fi Day / Night Smoke Alarm

Wi-Fi Day / Night Smoke Alarm
£1250.00(£1500.00 incl VAT)
OUR PRICE: £999.00 (£1198.80 incl VAT)

Hidden Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm; with remote internet viewing spy camera and motion detection recording

This Smoke Alarm is professionally handmade and integrated with an undetectable hidden internet camera which allows you to monitor and record the room environment of your home / office in real-time from your Windows computer web browser or mobile phone.  The smoke alarm is fitted to the ceiling and then simply plugs into the mains power supply.  Once in place, the smoke alarm looks just as normal - even under close visual inspection there is nothing to find.

Additionally, the smoke alarm is integrated with invisible infa-red technology so that you can also watch and capture events even during complete darkness!

This unit is engineered to the highest standards and proudly sits amongst our range of flagship models for workmanship, quality and superb hidden video recording capabilities.  The setup procedure requires no technical skill as the supplied software is specially written to automatically configure everything - from opening the box you can be monitoring your location in under 10 minutes!  All footage is broadcast live in full colour accompanied with audio and a time / date stamp as evidential proof.

You can view the action and record via your computer or travel laptop from anywhere in the world.  The viewing console is encrypted - only you can access the smoke alarm's hidden internet camera with a secure password ID, and because the video / audio footage is streamed live over the internet between your computer and the smoke alarm - there are absolutely NO running costs involved!

Sit back to watch and listen to the room environment in complete confidence - nobody will ever know.  All recordings are stored to the hard-drive of your computer ready for play back, or you can archive the footage as evidence or email to another computer.  The recording times can be literally hundreds of hours depending on the size of the computer hard-drive.

This is the next generation of remote hidden spy camera's - view live, record manually or record at scheduled times of the day / week that you specify, PLUS record upon motion detection and even receive an email notification once movement is detected.  The choice is yours and furthermore, everything is done at the click of a button.


High quality workmanship
We do not say 'flagship' model without good reason.  This is a professionally hand built unit using special tooling equipment and years of experience in covert camera applications and we assure you 100% this is the ONLY unit you can rely on for complete confidence.  We ensure each product performs to the highest performance but also with safety in mind.

NEW! Night Vision and recording
Full colour remote viewing by day PLUS integrated infa-red LED's invisibly illuminate the room under low light conditions allowing for black / white viewing at night.  The camera will detect low light conditions and automatically switch the LED's ON / OFF to ensure everything is captured - day or night.

Easy setup
The supplied software is specially written to make the installation process absolutely painless.  There are no silly configuration steps like inputting complicated IP router settings which are normally associated with inferior IP camera systems.  Our system will have you up and running in less than 10 minutes - No messing.

User friendly remote viewing console
To see real-time video footage through the smoke alarm's hidden IP camera, simply click the installed icon on your desktop and input your ID password.  The viewing console is extremely easy to operate and everything is touch button controlled - including start / stop recording, schedule recording (should you wish to record on specific days and between certain hours), motion detection recording, snapshot recording and email movement notification.

Please Note:  Recording times depend upon the hard-drive space of your computer.  The available recording storage capacity will be displayed so there is no guesswork involved.  You can literally record and store hundreds of hours or continuous or motion activated recordings.

View from any computer or mobile phone
Additionally to your computer, we provide unique app software to also view live on your Symbian or Apple iPhone - so no matter where in the World, you can login and watch discreetly to your hearts content.

NEW! Mac OSX compatible
Full control from both Windows AND Mac computers.  For Mac, you must run in emulator mode.

This is our brand new flagship hidden internet spy camera.  Quality workmanship is guaranteed for complete peace of mind.  Except no imitations.
  • Dummy smoke alarm with hidden internet camera
  • Professionally hand-built
  • Completely undetectable
  • Provides exceptional remote aerial monitoring of your location
  • Full colour video with audio
  • Invisible infa-red LED's allow viewing and recording during the night
  • Time and date stamp for evidential proof
  • Video resolution - 640 x 480
  • Plug & Play technology
  • Specially written software for 30 second installation
  • Auto configures everything - up and running in less than 10 minutes
  • No technical ability required
  • Connect up to 16 different hidden cameras (custom build applications available upon request)
  • Computer and mobile phone remote viewing
  • No running costs involved
  • Works Worldwide
  • Manual recording
  • Motion detection recording
  • Schedule recording
  • Email alert notifications upon motion detection
  • Upgradeable future-proof firmware
  • Dimensions - 
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Supplied with professionally hand-made smoke alarm, mains powered charger, special software CD and User Guide
  • Ideal for remotely monitoring your home / office / vehicle / driveway / holiday home for evidential purposes
Please Note:  This is not a working smoke alarm.
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