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Micro Digital Voice Recorder

Micro Digital Voice Recorder Micro Digital Voice RecorderMicro Digital Voice RecorderMicro Digital Voice Recorder

OUR PRICE: £99.00 (£118.80 incl VAT)

Micro Digital Voice Recorder; with voice activation and 72 hours recording time

A superb gem of a recorder!  This Micro Digital Voice Recorder is approx the size of your little finger - small enough that we decided to add this to our 'spy' category due to its small dimensions.  The recorder is integrated with a highly sensitive microphone offering truly good audio recording quality up to 30 feet away from where the device is placed - PLUS supports both voice activation and continuous recording modes!  This miniature marvel is another high quality product designed for providing reliability and performance without compromise.

A key feature which separates this high-end recorder from other standard voice recorders is that this device has an in-built fully rechargeable lithium battery (eliminating the need to purchase additional batteries), but also comes supplied with a miniature battery pack which the recorder slots into - thus extending the normal seven (7) hours recording time up to 72 hours (three (3) days)!

Additionally, this device can also function whilst connected to an external power source for example; a computer or plugged directly into the mains power supply.  This means continuous or voice activation recording up to 576 hours (23 days) can be achieved due to its four (4) GB internal flash memory.
This digital voice recorder is very easy to use and compliments an array of features including an in-built mini speaker, automatic level control (ALC) which ensures the best audio recording, and can 
be used as a Mass Storage for holding important files and documents etc..

You can instantly play back recorded audio either through the recorders little in-built speaker (no need for a computer) or connect the recorder to your computer via the supplied USB cable and play back audio through your Windows or Mac computer without the need for any special software.  Audio recordings can also be transferred and stored to your computer for prosperity.
The micro digital voice recorder has an easy navigational LCD display for easy viewing and operation, plus a powerful core chip-set to deliver consistent performance and unrivaled reliability.  It would be fair to say that this device is easily an excellent choice voice recorder for today's demanding needs.

Designed in a beautiful black and silver casing and measuring just 65 x 19 x 15 mm, this recorder not only looks and feels a quality product but the technology operates at a level expected to ensure all your important meetings, lectures, interviews, dictation or verbal slander are captured with complete satisfaction.

  • Finger-sized digital voice recorder
  • Unsurpassed quality build and performance
  • Beautiful black and silver design
  • In-built high-fidelity microphone and speaker
  • In-built fully rechargeable lithium battery
  • In-built MP3 player
  • Latest professional DVR chip-set technology
  • Recording time without battery pack - seven (7) hours
  • Recording time with battery pack - up to 72 hours
  • Battery pack - 4x AAA lithium batteries (not supplied)
  • Can be powered for 576 hours (23 days) when connected to a computer or plugged into the mains supply
  • Internal storage capacity - four (4) GB
  • Maximum audio capacity - 576 hours
  • Selectable recording modes - XHQ (extra high quality) / HQ (high quality) / LP (long play)
  • Selectable microphone sensitivity modes - Low / High
  • ARS mode (automatic recording system) two (2) modes  A / B
  • Manual recording
  • Voice activation recording
  • Recording distance - 30 feet+ (under optimal conditions)
  • Direct encoding
  • Ext audio source recording through line in / audio sync
  • Ext stereo microphone applicable for capturing surround sound audio
  • Remaining recording capacity display
  • USB interface for quick upload / download
  • Automatic power off (APO) function to save battery power
  • Computer interface - USB 1.1 / USB 2.0
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Dimensions - 65 x 19 x 15 mm
  • Battery pack dimensions - 107 x 36 x 15 mm
  • Weight - 18 grams
  • Battery pack weight - 22 grams
  • Output device (speaker) - 450 mW / 80 hms
  • Earphone jack - 3.5 mm
  • Operating environment - 0 - 40 degrees
  • Operating system - Windows and Mac
  • Supplied with micro digital voice recorder, stereo earphones, USB cable, battery pack, strap, holding clip and User Guide
  • Ideal for capturing important meetings, interviews, dictation, or verbal slander audio

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