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GSM Car / Vehicle Listening Bug

GSM Car / Vehicle Listening Bug

OUR PRICE: £189.00 (£226.80 incl VAT)

Optional Extras 


GSM Car Listening Bug; with Hard-Wiring for Permanent Audio Surveillance

This small GSM box is hard-wired to the 12 V battery to provide extremely long term monitoring of LIVE audio from inside your vehicle.  The GSM device is fitted with 1.5 meters of cable to which the microphone can be positioned to maximise audio performance.  Additionally, the GSM unit has a voice activation feature whereby you can receive a phone call in the event of unauthorised access by theft.

Once installed, simply call the associated SIM card inside the GSM box to listen to the environment in real-time.  The device obtains its power source wired to the car battery which effectively provides an unlimited power supply.

The voice activation feature can be switched ON / OFF from your mobile phone and once activated the device will monitor for audio conversations and then call your mobile phone alerting you to activity within the vehicle.  This feature is ideal for situations of theft for example.

The GSM car / vehicle bug is fitted with a fully rechargeable back-up lithium battery-pack which means in the event the car battery is disconnected, the unit will remain active for use.
Take advantage of recording the audio for evidential purposes simply by plugging the iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Call Recorder to your mobile phone.  This smart little device will record the vehicle environment that you are listening to when you call the GSM vehicle bug.  Additionally, the smartphone / iPhone device can be used to record your mobile calls too!

The iPhone / Smartphone recorder can be purchased from the drop down menu above at a discount price compared to purchasing the item separately.

This GSM vehicle bug is a great addition for the security conscious.

  • A 12 volt hard-wired GSM box with 1.5 meter fitted microphone cable
  • Professionally hand-built
  • Unlimited standby time
  • Dial in to listen from anywhere in the world
  • Voice activation feature notifies your mobile phone when audio is detected
  • Record audio - using the iPhone / smartphone mobile call recorder
  • Back-up internal lithium battery for situations when the car battery is disconnected
  • Back-up power - 24 hours standby / one (1) hours listening time
  • Quad-band operation - 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • Dimensions - 110 x 55 x 20 mm
  • Supplied with GSM vehicle bug, SIM card and User Guide
  • Ideal for security monitoring the audio of your car / vehicle or other valuable assets for evidential purposes
Please Note: We recommend that this unit is fitted by a qualified auto electrician for a professional finish.

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