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3G Carbon Monoxide Camera

3G Carbon Monoxide Camera
£795.00(£954.00 incl VAT)
OUR PRICE: £595.00 (£714.00 incl VAT)

Carbon Monoxide Spy 3G Camera; with motion detection and 200 hours recording time

Important: Please note this item is built to order.

This Fire Angel Carbon Monoxide Unit has been cleverly integrated with a genuine 3G camera - the only professional hand-built unit to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for performance and reliability.  Even under close visual examination the monoxide unit is undetectable to it's hidden capabilities 
allowing you to remotely view and record the target location over a 3G video call providing full colour video with audio directly on your mobile phone.  

The carbon monoxide unit is completely portable and ideal to operate in any home / office environment as a stand-alone security application without arousing any suspicion.

Simply fix the unit to any wall surface and make a video call to the carbon monoxide unit from your mobile phone to access the hidden 3G camera enabling you to view and listen to the activities in real-time.  Should you wish to record the activities, you can enter the 3G camera security menu and select a recording time up to 200 hours

You can, at any point end the video call with assurances recording is secretly taking place and being stored as evidence to a removeable Micro SD card hidden inside the unit.  At a later time you can retrieve the SD card from the monoxide unit and review the recorded content on any media player including Windows Media and supported mobile phones.

Please Note:  3G recording does not provide a time and date stamp.

The monoxide unit can be connected to the mains power supply which will also power the 3G hidden camera for unlimited spy operation.  Even if the monoxide is disconnected from the mains power supply, the 3G camera is fitted with an internal back-up battery which will continue to power the 3G camera for 250 hours standby time.  Once mains power is resumed, the back-up battery will begin to recharge again.

Motion activated recording with text message alerts
Whenever the carbon monoxide unit detects movement (up to 20 feet away) will automatically trigger recording for between 1 - 5 minutes to a hidden removeable Micro SD card inside the unit (depending on your recording time preference) - and at the same time the unit will send you an SMS alerting you to activity.  You can make a video call to the radio allowing you to visually see and hear the activity in real-time - and increase the recording time up to 200 hours!

Settings are remotely configurable for example:
  • You can remotely activate / deactivate to receive text message alerts upon motion activation
  • You can remotely specify times to trigger motion activation for example; set motion activation between the hours of 10:00 pm - 04:00 am
  • You can remotely set a time & date in advance to start / stop recording for example; record between the hours of 9:00 pm - 07:00 am
This carbon monoxide unit is an extremely high-end model professionally engineered using quality materials for complete peace of mind.  There are NO shadow lines around the picture edges and NO image break-up or distortion to spoil your viewing pleasure.  The audio is exceptionally clear for unsurpassed listening quality.

This is the ONLY professional model on the commercial market that uses a genuine 3G camera and can record for 200 hours.  There are many copycats that have ripped off this type but actually use a dismantled mobile phone and state the standby time as the recording time.  This is completely misleading - you get what you pay for so please be aware.

To appreciate this fine equipment and to view our hidden 3G recording camera please call us for demonstration.     


Completely undetectable design
Once deployed to any wall surface its authentic design is completely undetectable to it's secondary hidden capabilities - even under close visual examination you will find nothing.

Genuine 3G camera with high sensitivity microphone
We only use a GENUINE 3G camera and never a cheap dismantled mobile phone found on other inferior versions.  Our quality 3G camera offers full colour with a full picture screen combined with unsurpassed audio.

True power lithium battery
The unit offers 250 hours standby time and not your usual 1 - 3 days found by other inferior sellers.  You can remotely view, listen, and record through the hidden 3G camera and its secure menu remotely operated from your mobile phone.

Motion activated recording with text message notification
The carbon monoxide is your complete full security CCTV unit!  You will never need to wonder if anybody has entered an unauthorised area because your mobile phone will be instantly notified via SMS whilst evidence is being recorded to the hidden Micro SD card within the unit.

Administrator change / PIN change
You (as the administrator) will be the main controller of the unit.

Add user
You can control who has access to make a video call to the unit, otherwise the picture and sound is blocked.

Delete user
You can control who is deleted / erased from the unit's access list.

No cost recording
This is the only unit that actually gives you full recording capabilities without incurring additional video calling costs.  When you are connected to the unit via a video call to manually activate recording there are NO ongoing costs - your call can be terminated at any point whilst recording continues.  Motion activated recording also costs nothing!

Clean professional design
No messy wires inside the unit, this is clean and professional engineering.

No technical knowledge needed
No configuration to set up, No software to install, No drivers / firmware to update.  This unit is Plug & Play simplicity!  You will be up and running 30 seconds from opening the box.

Which SIM card network do I use inside the carbon monoxide?
The carbon monoxide supports any network with 3G capabilities.  We supply the network '3' SIM card which is pre-installed in your carbon monoxide unit and ready to operate straight out the box.  SIM cards are easily changed should you be purchasing for delivery to another country.

Please Note:  USA customers please check you are suitable for 3G video calling.

Click here for our easy guide to finding a suitable 3G network

This carbon monoxide unit is built by our engineers for 100% satisfaction guarantee.  The finish is clean and professional as you would expect from our products and offers outstanding video and audio with motion detection and recording capabilities.

Please Note: Due to the winding down of 3G cameras, this item is now only built to to a customers specific order.  We do not keep stock of this item and each unit will be custom build for the customer.

  • Completely portable carbon monoxide unit
  • Professionally hand-built
  • Integrated hidden 3G camera with high sensitivity audio microphone
  • Undetectable design
  • Video call from anywhere in the World with a 3G coverage
  • View, listen and record in real-time directly on your mobile phone or PDA
  • Standby time - 250 hours 
  • Video calling viewing time - four (4) hours 
  • Recording time - up to 200 hours (depending on recording quality)
  • Recording quality - low (14867 mins) / medium (5946 mins) / high (3003 mins)
  • Recording format - Micro SD card
  • SD card capacity - maximum four (4) GB
  • Motion activated
  • Text message upon motion activation
  • Set motion activation times
  • Password protected access
  • Mains powered for long-term surveillance
  • Integrated lithium back-up battery (250 hours standby) when disconnected from the mains
  • Trickle charges to full back-up power once reconnected to the mains
  • Supplied with a network '3' SIM card
  • Dimensions - 
  • Unsurpassed quality, reliability and performance guaranteed
  • Supplied with 3G carbon monoxide unit, mains wall charger, 3 SIM card and User Guide
  • Ideal for remotely monitoring your home / office environment and gathering footage for evidential purposes
Please Note:  This unit is not a functioning carbon monoxide unit although its authenticity can easily fool by appearance.

Please Note:
  Download the guide from the web page description to help you establish the best 3G network for your area or country.

Please Note: Due to the winding down of 3G cameras, this item is now only built to to a customers specific order.  We do not keep stock of this item and each unit will be custom build for the customer.


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