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Outdoor Day / Night Recording Camera

Outdoor Day / Night Recording Camera Outdoor Day / Night Recording CameraOutdoor Day / Night Recording CameraOutdoor Day / Night Recording Camera

OUR PRICE: £169.00 (£202.80 incl VAT)

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Camouflaged Outdoor HD Camera; with motion detection recording and six (6) month standby time

This is a superb self-contained and portable Camo Recording Camera which is ideal for capturing discreet outdoor video footage upon motion movement.  Its camouflaged design blends into natural surroundings or can even be mounted to a tree / drain-pipe, or hidden amongst shrubbery within the target location.

The camo surveillance camera can be deployed and will remain active for up to six (6) months - ready to capture and record full colour events during the day and stealthy invisible infa-red captures black / white recording during the night.

This unit is such a versatile device which can effectively be used for a multitude of applications for example; capturing activity on your farm, allotment, driveway, alleyway, rear of house, garden shed, holiday home, plant machinery, fly-tipping, abusive neighbours, vandalism, theft, anti-social behaviour etc.

Click here to view recording during daylight

Click here to view recording during night time

The camo unit is equipped with a frontal and two (2) side PIR sensors PLUS a wide-angled 120 degree field-of-view camera.  The IR technology when used at night emits extremely low-light reflection that is impossible to see by the naked eye.

With up to a 39 feet detection range and a super fast 0.8 second movement trigger sensor - nothing can escape its jaws of recording thus providing an impregnable defence against perpetrators.

All recorded footage is stored to a removable SD card which can be played back either directly on the units 2.5" TFT LCD colour display or through your computers Windows media player or any other compatible media player.

The unit can be powered either by AA lithium batteries which provide up to six (6) months standby time or can be connected to an external six (6) V power source for even longer surveillance observations.

NEW! Receive an instant text message once movement is detected.
Any unauthorised movement within the camera's field of view will send you a text message - thus allowing you to interrogate the area whilst recording continues.

NEW! High-definition (HD) recording at 1440 x 1080 resolution.
Whether day or night - now records with superior picture recording quality.

Both SMS and HD versions may be selected for purchase from the drop down menu above.

When you absolutely need the evidence! 
  • Capture burglars / theft
  • Capture vandalism / anti-social behaviour
  • Capture flytipping
  • Protect your home / office
  • Protect your valuable assets
  • Don't be a victim - get the evidence!
This camo day / night recording camera is both discreet and easy-to-use providing video evidence of events which is accompanied with a time / date stamp.

Please Note:  This unit does not record audio.


Compact and self-contained
Most camo recording units can be very bulky whereas this unit can be considered 'hand-held' and measures just 130 x 80 x 30 mm.

Camouflaged design
Due to a well designed appearance, this unit will easily blend into any outdoor environment but is also impossible to detect during night time use.

NEW!  SMS movement alerts
When you absolutely need to know when movement is taking place.  You will receive a text message notification allowing you to interrogate the target location.

NEW!  High-definition (HD) recording
Need a cut above for picture quality?  Upgrade from standard 640 x 480 resolution to 1440 x 1080 HD resolution!

Selectable snapshot resolutions
Choose between 1.3 mega-pixel, five (5) mega-pixel or super high 12 mega-pixel snapshot images.

Invisible infa-red night vision technology
Video recording under total darkness is easy.  The 'no-glow' 940 NM invisible IR illumination works automatically.

Three (3) motion activation sensors
Nothing can escape the 120 degree motion detection peripheral vision.  The main frontal sensor and two (2) side sensors are activated and ready to begin recording in just 0.8 seconds.

SD card recording
All footage is stored to a password protected SD card which can be played back on the LCD display or through your computer Windows media player or any other compatible media player.

Please Note:  This unit is a covert video recorder designed without the support of audio.

Scheduled recording
Program the unit to commence recording at a chosen time / date in advance.

Wide temperature working operation
Although this unit is not waterproof it is extremely weatherproof and its operating temperate will easily handle changing weather conditions between -22 - +158 degrees.

No technical skill is required.

This camo day / night recording unit is a superb investment for those looking to capture activity as proof of evidence and provides high-end features with ease-of-use.
  • Camouflaged recording unit
  • Outdoor surveillance use
  • Compact and self-contained
  • Easy set-up procedure
  • In-built 2.5" TFT LCD colour display
  • Back design makes mounting to trees convenient
  • Test mode (ensures correct viewing angle before deployment)
  • Selectable CMOS snapshot quality - 1.3 / 5 / 12 mega-pixels
  • Selectable video resolution - 320 x 240 / 640 x 480 / 1440 x 1080 HD
  • Invisible 940 NM infa-red technology
  • Extremely low-light illumination reflection
  • Three (3) motion movement sensors
  • 39 feet motion detection range
  • 120 degree super wide field of view detection
  • Scheduled recording - ready to record in advance
  • Remote SMS alerts upon movement (upgrade version)
  • 0.8 second recording trigger
  • Selectable sensitivity settings - Low / Medium / High
  • Time and date stamped recordings
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Three (3) months standby with 4x AA batteries / Six (6) months standby with 8x AA batteries
  • Supports six (6) volt external power supply
  • Perform in the most extreme temperatures from -22F to 158c
  • Burst snapshot recording - 1 - 3 images
  • Selectable time-lapse between recording durations - 1 - 60 seconds
  • Up to 16 GB SD card (no SD card supplied)
  • Password protection
  • Dimensions - 130 x 80 x 30 mm 
  • Supplied with camo recording unit, USB connection cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for indoor / outdoor use for evidential purposes
Is the camo unit portable so I can hide it?
Yes.  You may deploy the camera unit anywhere - ideally suited to capturing events outdoors.  The camouflaged design will blend the camera into natural surroundings so you can tie to a tree using the back-pack tree grabber (supplied), or place the camera on a wall (standalone) overlooking the area of concern.

How is the camo unit powered?
For the maximum standby time of six (6) months, the camo unit supports up to eight (8) AA batteries.  For three (3) months standby time, use four (4) AA batteries.

How do I set the time / date?
The camo unit has a hidden colour LCD display in which you can navigate through the various settings.

Is the camo unit motion activated?
Yes.  Once deployed, it is ready to record once movement is detected.  The recording mechanism is so fast the unit can switch ON and begin recording in just 0.8 seconds!  Each movement recording creates a separate video file.

Can I change the sensitivity of the PIR sensors?
Yes.  You can eliminate false recordings by adjusting the sensitivity mode between Low / Medium / High within the settings menu.

Will it record only during certain times of the week?
Yes.  The settings menu allows your to pre-set scheduled recording which is ideal if you only wish to record certain days of the week only.

Where is the recorded footage accessed?
Recordings are stored to an SD card which slots inside the unit.  The maximum SD card the camo unit will support is 16 GB.

Can I play back the video recordings on my Apple Mac?
Yes.  The contents of the SD card can be viewed on either Windows or Mac computers and any other SD card player.

Can I protect access to the recorded footage?
Yes.  You can pre-set a password protection to block unauthorised person/s from accessing the recorded video.

Will the camera's PIR sensors capture the entire area I wish to monitor?
There are three (3) PIR movement sensors in total - the main frontal sensor and two (2) further side PIR sensors.  Any movement within a 'half-moon' coverage will trigger the camera to begin recording in less than two (2) seconds!

How far away will the PIR sensors detect movement?
The maximum detection range (optimum visual conditions) during daylight conditions is around 60 feet.  We recommend a detection range of around 39-40 feet.  During night time the detection range is reduced to around 15 feet.

Does the camera record in colour or black and white?
Both!  During the day recording is captured in full colour and during the night (or under low-light conditions) the camera uses invisible infa-red LED's which illuminate the immediate area and recording is captured in black / white.

Do the infa-red LED's shine or have a reflective lens which will be noticed?
No.  Each LED reflects just 940 NM which makes it impossible for the human eye to detect during darkness.

To view the camo camera recording during daylight please click here

To view the camo camera recording during darkness please click here

Does the camo unit send a text message to my mobile phone in the event of movement?
Yes.  Although this is an optional upgrade using the drop down menu above.  These cameras have a SIM card slot in which your GSM network SIM is accepted.  Credit must be aplied to the SIM cards in order for a text message movement alert to be sent to your mobile phone.

Does the camo unit record in high-definition (HD) video?
Yes.  Although this is an optional upgrade using the drop down menu above.  Recorded video footage is increased with sharper pixel resolution.

Can I use the camo outside the UK?
Yes.  It is self-contained and portable therefore, can be used as the perfect security travel companion.
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