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Sweet Revenge Computer Prank

Sweet Revenge Computer Prank
£195.00(£234.00 incl VAT)
OUR PRICE: £99.00 (£118.80 incl VAT)

USB Windows Computer Prank; with fast installation

Sweet Revenge is a brand new innovative product - a fun computer prank software which can be installed to the target computer and then a series of strange and bizarre things will happen!  You can install custom pictures / images, written text, audio sounds and speech in less than one (1) second and then sit back and watch the fun times roll.

Sweet revenge cannot be found by anti-virus scanners and cannot be removed without your permission thus making it the ultimate prank software with unlimited possibilities.

Play a prank, get even, or express your feelings - install our pre-loaded images and audio or install your own images and audio.  Once installed, walk away and watch the persons face who is using the computer as uncontrollable things begin to happen.  No matter what they do - its like a ghost in the machine.

Sweet Revenge allows you to:
  • Install our pre-loaded pictures to begin popping up on the computer screen display at a time you specify and for as long as you command
  • Install our pre-loaded audio to begin sounding through the computer speakers at a time you specify and for as long as you command
  • Pre-configure your own pictures and audio - funny or naughty you decide
  • Make any website automatically open - imagine the look on their face as a porn website or some other mischievous website launches
  • Constantly reboot the computer
  • Constantly eject the CD / DVD drive
  • Turn the screen display upside down
  • Change the screen display resolution
  • Change the wallpaper to your own custom design
Remember, the installation process is very quick and cannot be found due to its hardcore anti-detection technology.  It cannot be removed without your permission.  Sit back and watch the unsuspecting user/s reactions as you chuckle to yourself.

Sweet Revenge gives you the power to:
  • Let somebody know exactly how you feel without revealing who you are
  • Do you like somebody but just cant say it - now you can
  • Do you hate somebody or just want to let others know their dirty little secret
Install sweet revenge to your home or office computer, an internet cafe computer, your boss or work colleague computer and cause absolute chaos.  Sweet revenge gives you unlimited installations and will bring out the evil genius in you. 


Works on all Windows operating systems
Sweet revenge is compatible with ANY Windows operating system including Windows 7 and 64-bit operating systems.

Four (4) GB USB memory stick
This is a high quality portable storage device for installing a superb and comprehensive range of sneaky pranks.

Super fast installation
Blink and you will miss the installation process!  NO messing around - plug the device in and click the install button.

Auto erase technology
Sweet revenge is designed to be quickly removed from the target computer without using the 'safely remove hardware icon' or in situations where you may be interrupted during the installation process.  Simply remove the USB device at any point and all traces are instantly erased.

Stealth operation
This is a brand new release with forward thinking technology.  Sweet revenge is invisible to anti-virus and cannot be removed without your permission.

Please Note:  We have built a back-door into the program which allows only you to safely remove the software if needed.

Unlimited licenses
Once purchased, sweet revenge is yours to install over and over again with unlimited licenses.

Future proof design
Discreet computer technology at its pinnacle.  An advanced combination of hardware and software logistics which are upgradeable as we complete new versions.

No specialist knowledge needed
Designed by professionals for novices with Plug & Play ease of use.  You will be using the sweet revenge straight from the box without any silly nonsense.  Works immediately.

Please Note:  Genuine sweet revenge units are stamped with the 'Sweet Revenge' logo - do not accept inferior devices.

Sweet revenge is a portable and very easy to use product.  There are no commands or passwords to remember.  Simply decide what chaos you want to happen beforehand by configuring the device on your own computer.

  • High quality USB memory stick
  • Huge four (4) GB storage capacity
  • Carry the device in your pocket or with secure holding for neck wearing
  • Installs to the target computer in one (1) second
  • Hidden software technology
  • Does not conflict or have abrasive effects on normal computer use
  • Incredibly easy to use 
  • Create untold chaos on a computer
  • Configuration settings to your requirements before installation
  • Self erasing technology
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Operates on all Windows operating systems
  • Supplied with sweet revenge USB device and User Guide
Please Note: Sweet revenge is for entertainment purposes only.

Please Note: Sweet revenge is not compatible with MAC computers.

Please Note: Do not purchase this item using Paypal due to their restriction on computer surveillance related products.


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