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Chat Detection Stick

Chat Detection Stick

OUR PRICE: £85.00 (£102.00 incl VAT)

Chat Forensic Recovery Software; extracts chat logs from Windows computers

This is a very powerful recovery tool specifically designed for scanning an entire computer system for any traces of chat logs.  Simply insert the Chat Detection Stick into an available USB port of any computer and run the built-in software on the spy stick to recover all traces of chat history.  The integrated software will forensically scan the entire computer providing a detailed but easy to read report of all chat conversations which would normally never be found.  The chat detection stick is a technological leap forward in forensic recovery whilst maintaining a user friendly operation.

Instant Messengers have become an essential part of businesses today.  Instant communication can bring increased productivity and better communication.  Along with this comes many possible threats to your business as well.  How much time do your employees waste chatting with friends outside of work or fellow employees about non-work related issues?  Are your employees sharing files through Instant Messengers that contain viruses?  Are they leaking or stealing valuable company information?  A quick scan and review with the chat detection stick can tell you in minutes.

At home, Instant Messaging can also pose problems.  Your children can easily be talking to online predators or be having inappropriate conversations with friends.  Your partner may be chatting with an old flame.  Get peace of mind by monitoring what goes on in your home on your computers with the chat detection stick.

Who would use the chat detection stick?

Concerned parents
Sexual predators don’t only lurk in chat rooms.  Once they gain your child’s trust, they often start to chat with them through regular chat clients.  Kids also often talk about things they’ve done or are planning to do with their friends online not thinking they’re leaving a trail of their conversations behind.


Are your company secrets being leaked right under your nose?  Employees using chat clients can not only waste hours of time chatting with family and friends, they can use a chat client to send sensitive data to anyone.

Suspicious partners

Is your spouse or significant other talking to an old flame?  Chat logs are a great way to determine if they are staying faithful.  

With the chat detection stick, now you can unmask chat log history whenever you need at any time, and use as many times as required without license restriction.

  • Portable USB memory stick
  • Integrated forensic technology
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Recovers all purposely or accidentally wiped / erased / deleted chat data
  • Super fast computer scanning
  • Supports Yahoo
  • Supports MSN
  • Supports ICQ
  • Supports Trillian
  • Supports Skype
  • Supports Hello
  • Supports Miranda
  • Compatible with Windows 32-bit / 64-bit operating systems
  • Supplied with chat detection stick and User Guide
  • Ideal for recovering deleted 'chat' conversations from your personal computer
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