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Blackberry HD Mobile Phone Camera Recorder

Blackberry HD Mobile Phone Camera Recorder
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Fully Functional Blackberry Bold 9900 Handset; with superior hidden HD video recording spy camera 

This is a Brand New fully functional Blackberry Bold 9900 mobile phone that has been professionally hand-built to incorporate a superior HD (high-definition) hidden audio / video camera.  The handset's workmanship guarantee that even under close visual examination and operational use, nothing is detectable to its hidden recording capabilities.

Designed for law enforcement, private investigators, journalists or anybody who must obtain covert video footage under the most demanding environments - this Blackberry handset can be passed to other operatives making this THE best total covert recording package ever!

As you would expect from such high-level spy equipment, this Blackberry handset is integrated with a hidden access menu records true HD 1080 x 720 video footage accompanied with clear audio PLUS time / date stamp as evidential proof.  Additionally, the recorded footage can be streamed wirelessly over an active GPRS connection or via GSM, UMTS or Bluetooth to other operatives with Geo coating and GPS tagging of pictures.

Should the handset fall into the wrong hands and undergo critical scrutiny, the encrypted parameters are not traceable.


Fully functional Blackberry Bold 9900 handset
This is the World's only professional special ops video recorder expertly integrated into a fully functional Blackberry handset.  Designed for covert undercover use at the highest level, this handset provides true 1080 x 720 HD video recording accompanied with clear audio and a time / date stamp for evidential purposes.

Hidden access menu with encrypted parameters
Enter settings and operational functionality via secret access menu.  Encrypted parameters deny traceability should the handset fall into the wrong hands.

Unique side-facing hidden camera
The camera is professionally integrated inside the natural placement of the side jack socket.  
The authenticity of the handset cannot be underestimated.

Fast manual recording
Natural interaction of the handset keypad secretly activates / deactivates hidden recording under your command.  The handset can be used as normal even whilst recording is taking place!

Please Note:  We supply a two (2) GB SD card with each unit.  A 32 GB SD card is enough capacity to store over 60 hours of footage.

Wi-Fi streaming
Send video and/or pictures remotely to other operatives discreetly and in real-time.

Quality workmanship
Designed and built specifically for high-end covert recordings aimed specifically towards government, law enforcement, PI, and journalists.  This is cutting edge spy technology of the highest calibre.

The Blackberry handset is the perfect field operatives hidden recording camera.  Can be used as a normal fully functional mobile phone and will pass close visual examination for complete peace of mind.
  • Fully functional Blackberry Bold 9900 handset
  • Professionally engineered to the highest calibre
  • Unique side facing video camera
  • Hidden access menu
  • Full colour video recording
  • Snapshot recording
  • Screen display operates as normal even whilst recording
  • Resolution - 1080 x 720 HD
  • Frame rate - 30 fps (frames per second)
  • Time and date stamp
  • Recording time - four (4) hours
  • Storage format - Micro SD card
  • Storage capacity - 32 GB (over 60 hours)
  • Video file format - three (3) GP
  • Audio file format - WMA
  • Picture file format - JPEG
  • Video / Picture forwarding (repeater function) via WLAN, Bluetooth or Email
  • Encrypted parameters deny traceability
  • Supplied with Blackberry handset, accessories, mains charger, presentation case and User Guide
  • Ideal for mystery shoppers, private investigators, police, reporters, or businesses and individuals for evidential purposes
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