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GPS Mini Wired Real-Time Tracker

GPS Mini Wired Real-Time Tracker

OUR PRICE: £399.00 (£478.80 incl VAT)

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Hard-Wired Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker; for long term tracking with one (1) second updates

The new GPS Mini Wired Tracker is ideal for fixed long term tracking and best suited towards vehicles or other valuable assets where power to the tracker is attained by hard-wiring to the vehicles main battery.  Once hard-wired, the tracker will provide fantastic real-time updates every second when moving thus providing the perfect solution to combat anti-theft, recovery, and general tracking under harsh conditions.

The GPS mini wired tracker offers the same tracking capabilities as our ReX8 and ReX9 trackers - but with a faster acquisition and instant updates every single second!  Simply connect the tracker to your existing 12 volt power supply and you are ready to secure your valuable asset and monitor user activity in real-time.

The GPS wired tracker is IP66 compliant for a sealed enclosure against dusty conditions, snow and rain which also makes it best suited for operational use where alternative rapid deployment trackers may not suffice. 

Unlimited tracking
Unlike magnetic vehicle trackers, hard-wired trackers perform best with a managed SIM card.  Included with the first year of your purchase is UNLIMITED tracking throughout Mainland UK.  After the initial 12 months, a renewable fee of £80 + VAT is applicable - that works out less than £7.00 per month!

Unlimited tracking will keep the SIM card inside the tracker 'always active' PLUS the tracking performance will be slightly more responsive as unlimited SIM cards are placed on a private network as opposed to a P-A-Y-G network.

Secure online console
Each wired tracker is provided with a secure console login to your purchase.  Only YOU can access the login console.  You may make any changes within your tracking console and view street level accurate tracking as the ReX8 moves around the country.

The console offers amazing additional tracking features including Geo-fencing so you get a message when the ReX8 moves in or out of a specified area anywhere in the country - from a single street to a large city, you will know if it enters or leaves it.

Receive easy-to-read start to end reports detailing each street by street turn and full analysis of each journey.  Play-back journey routes so you can visually see each turn by turn.

You can even print off and email tracking data for evidential purposes.

Login to the tracking console from any computer / mobile phone web browser!

- Type into your computer web browser (no need to type the www. part)

- Type into your mobile phone web browser (no need to type the www. part)

- Type in your secure User ID & Password

This is a great solution for customers who prefer a fixed / hard-wired tracking unit for long-term security, 'always active' tracking for employee mileage, or simply as an aid to lowering insurance premiums.

  • Hard-wired GPS mini-tracking device
  • Completely sealed and water-tight casing (IP66 compliant)
  • Real time tracking every second
  • Latest chip-set technology with in-built high gain antenna for super fast GPS locking
  • On-board memory - will store any lost location data even when the GPS and GSM coverages are low then seamlessly integrate the lost positions once coverage is regained
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Geo-fencing - will alert you via SMS and / or email to as many recipients as you wish the moment it enters or leaves any defined area you specify
  • Full drive reports - email or print off full detailed reports of every journey via the tracking console calendar
  • Multiple platforms - select to watch your tracker move around on Google Maps / Google Earth / Virtual Maps / Virtual Earth
  • Google street view supported
  • Accurate tracking - visible to within two (2) meters at street level
  • Easy tracking interface - superb and unique tracking console offers you everything at the click of a button
  • Automatic screen updates - no need to keep refreshing the screen with our superb seamless motion integration
  • Playback any journey visually on the console
  • Worldwide operation
  • Dimensions - mm
  • Supplied with GPS mini wired tracker, battery fitting accessories and User Guide
  • For theft management - ideal for discreetly monitoring your assets in real-time including your vehicle, plant machinery, holiday caravan, trailers, small packages and large containers
Please Note:  12 months secure access to our private tracking console is included with your purchase.  If you wish to continue use of our tracking console (after 12 months), there will be a yearly renewable fee of £80 applicable.  You may renew at any time and without obligation.

How do I wire the mini tracker to my car?
The tracker is simply connected to your existing vehicles 12 volt power supply however, we recommend using a qualified auto electrician.  Alternatively, we can dispatch an auto electrician to fit the tracker for you (subject to charge).

How do I access the trackers movements?
You are supplied with a unique tracking console login.  The tracking console is rich with simple-to-use features allowing you to real-time track your vehicle's activity and download / print all movement/s for your safe keeping.

Can anybody else see my console login?
No.  Each wired tracker and associated console is assigned to you only.  The password can be changed from its default password by the user therefore, it is important that you do not misplace / forget the password you choose.

You have included unlimited tracking in year one (1) - what does this mean?
Unlike P-A-Y-G (Pay As You Go), there is no ongoing cost to use the tracker - you have 'pre-paid' to use the real-time functionality of the tracker (for one (1) year) completely unlimited. 

How big is the tracker?
It will fit in the palm of your hand although once fitted inside your vehicle it will remain out of sight.

How accurate is the tracking?
With a decent GPS signal/s the live movements will show with pinpoint accuracy - you will be able to see the trackers real-time street level movements live every second.

What are the ongoing running costs?
After year one (1), a fee of £80 plus VAT will be applicable for continued use of the tracking console login.  This fee helps contribute towards security and extensive server use, ongoing maintenance and free upgrades.  A fee of £80 plus VAT will also be applicable for unlimited tracking use.  A total amount of £160 will be renewable.

How long does the battery last?
The tracker is wired to the vehicle's battery (by the auto electrician) therefore, it always receives constant power.

Can I get a text message or email sent to me when the car moves off?
Yes.  You have the option to input your mobile number and / or email address in your secure login area so when the vehicle moves off, you will receive an alert.

I only want to know when the car goes into an area I am concerned?
You can set an 'invisible fence' commonly referred to as a Geo-Fence from within your console login.  When the vehicle moves into, or out of that pre-defined area - a text message or email (or both) will automatically be sent to you.

Do I have to pay for the text messages?
Each tracker is assigned 100 texts for FREE.  Emails are sent FREE and are unlimited.

Do I get ongoing technical support?
Yes.  The console login has a customer support area in which you can send a request or ask a question directly to a qualified technician.

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