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GPS Tiny Vehicle Tracker

GPS Tiny Vehicle Tracker GPS Tiny Vehicle TrackerGPS Tiny Vehicle TrackerGPS Tiny Vehicle Tracker

OUR PRICE: £149.00 (£178.80 incl VAT)
Due APRIL 24th

Tiny GPS Magnetic Vehicle Tracker; colour map to mobile phone and seven (7) days active tracking

This is another fantastic SMS tracker - the GPS Tiny Tracker is approx the size of a credit card and sealed within a weatherproof, magnetic casing ready to send you its real-time location straight to your mobile phone!  No need for a computer - you can request the trackers location at any time either as co-ordinates OR full colour street level map!

There is NO technical skill required to use this tracker - NO messy wires, NO firmware upgrading, NO software installation, NO set-up procedures, NO computer required and NO contracts!  Just charge and track.

The tracker's location can be obtained simply by sending a text message from your mobile phone - and within seconds you receive back the location.  The GPS tiny tracker combines an omni-directional SiRF Star III chipset with a quad-band GSM modem to provide the best elements of constructive engineering with highly effective tracking capabilities.

The GPS tiny tracker is the preferred choice for customers who do not have or need access to a computer but wish to receive the trackers location directly to any mobile phone and with a battery performance which can exceed seven (7) days per charge, this really is a decent performing and reliable tracker.

Each GPS Tiny Tracker is ready to work straight from opening the box and has £5.00 credit applied for instant tracking!

Simply call the SIM card number inside the tracker.  The tracker will hang up after a few rings, and within a few seconds you will receive a URL map link providing you the exact location.

Click here to see how the colour map is displayed on your mobile phone.

Please Note:  Your handset must have GPRS capabilities (must be internet active) in order to open the web URL.

Alternatively, if you wish to receive co-ordinates instead of colour map then below is how the co-ordinates are displayed on your mobile phone:

Latitude:  53.400376N
Longitude:  002.155720W
Speed (km/h):  0.00
Direction:  57.18
GMT:  2011/02/16  16:04:42
Battery:  100%

Type the co-ordinates: 53.400376N  002.155720W into Google Maps - the location will show at Stockport, SK2 6NG.

This tracker works straight out of the box!  Before dispatch we pre-insert a P-A-Y-G SIM card (£5.00 credit applied) inside the tracker, then set the tracker to send you a colour map when requesting its location.  Finally, we fully charge and test the tracker so it is operational the moment you receive it.

You can immediately start obtaining the trackers location directly from your mobile phone - just switch ON and begin LIVE tracking!

You can also set the tracker to automatically send you its location at timed intervals - for example; send its location every 15 minutes for the next eight (8) hours etc.  This setting is remotely configured by sending a simple text message to the tracker and likewise, the timed locations may be cancelled at any time by a simple text message.


Credit card size
This is a completely self-contained 'credit card' sized tracking device - sealed, weatherproof to IP56 compliance with magnetic rapid deployment capability.  Even the GPS antenna is in-built!

No computer required
You can obtain the trackers location at any time directly from your mobile phone; there is no need for a computer.  When you need to know where the tracker is at any time - your handset does it all.

Over seven (7) days tracking
The tracker has an in-built fully rechargeable lithium battery that can provide sufficient power to exceed seven (7) days active tracking before a recharge is required.

Please Note:  
All GPS trackers are subject to numerous causes which can effect the overall battery consumption including where the tracker is deployed, adverse weather conditions, working temperature and GSM / GPS signal area strength.

Easy setup and tracking
This tracker works straight out of the box.  There are no complicated set-up procedures - just charge and track!

Security password enabled
You can command the tracker to obey only your mobile number giving you full security control.  You can then select or deny other users from authorised access.  You are in full control.

Low battery alert
The tracker will send you an automatic 'low battery' SMS alert notification once the tracker drops below a workable power voltage - supplying you with enough time to retrieve the tracker and recharge.

This is a great all round performing GPS tracker where quality and price equal a great combination.  A superb investment for locating your vehicle using 'as and when' tracking.

  • Credit card sized tracking device
  • Magnetic for rapid deployment
  • Weatherproof to IP56 compliance
  • Battery performance can exceed seven (7) days from a single charge
  • Fully rechargeable lithium battery
  • Remotely programmable via simple SMS Commands
  • No computer required
  • Request location by text message or calling the tracker
  • Receive location by co-ordinates or full colour street level map
  • Accuracy - 2.5 meters
  • No sight of sky - can be hidden inside or the underside of the vehicle or other valuable assets
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • Network frequency - 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • GPS channels - 32
  • GPS antenna - in-built
  • Standby current - 1 - 5 mA
  • Recharging current - 5 V / 300 mA
  • Recording current - <50 mA
  • GPS cold start - 35 seconds
  • GPS hot start - one (1) second
  • Battery - 2000 mAh
  • Working temperature - -20c - +55 C
  • Absolute temperature - -35c - +70 C
  • Storage temperature - -40 - +80 C
  • Dimensions - 80 x 25 x 45 mm
  • Weight - 
  • Supplied with GPS tiny vehicle tracker, USB cable, USB mains charger, cigarette charger, Vodafone SIM card and User Guide
  • For theft management - ideal for discreetly monitoring your assets in real-time including your vehicle, plant machinery, holiday caravan, trailers, small packages and large containers
Please Note:  Your handset must support GPRS (internet connection) to open the URL map.

How small is the GPS tiny tracker?

It is very small - just 80 x 25 x 45 mm.  If you place a credit card on the top of the tracker it will cover the surface area.

Does it have magnets so I can attach it to metal surfaces?
Yes.  The magnets are fitted and designed to help stabilise where you place / hide it.

What does 'Standby Time' mean?
This is the total amount of time the tracker will remain powered without any location request being sent.  Once the tiny tracker's internal battery is getting low, you will receive a "Low Battery' SMS.

How long does the battery last?
Each time you request the trackers location this is when the battery uses the most power therefore, if you request the trackers location moderately then the battery will exceed seven (7) days of active tracking.

How do I top-up?
We provide you with the automated top-up service number which you call from any landline or mobile phone and top-up instantly!  Top-up with £5, £10, £20 credit using either your credit / debit card or voucher (purchased from any newsagent).  Its fast and you can control EXACTLY how much credit you want to use.  We apply £5 of credit so you are tracking immediately from opening the box.

How much does each location cost?
Each time you receive the trackers location this costs 10 pence.  This will be deducted from your remaining credit.  So, for example; we provide £5.00 credit ready to track - you request the trackers location and the remaining balance is now £4.90 etc..

What if I use a SIM card inside the tracker that offers free SMS text message?
Perfect!  In this case the SMS message you receive to your mobile phone containing the trackers location will take a free SMS from the SIM card you use.

Ive borrowed my car to a friend but want to know its parked safely?
The GPS tiny tracker can be deployed inside or to the underside of vehicles, or any other asset.  You can then request the trackers street level location in real-time actively monitoring the location of your car.

Do I have to install any software to my computer?
No.  The tracker is integrated with future-proof technology eliminating the need for any software installation.

Do I have to subscribe to use it?
No.  There are NO subscriptions, and NO monthly charges or any other hidden costs.

How do I get the trackers position?
Simply call or text the associated SIM card (inside the tracker) from your mobile phone to receive an SMS message containing the URL to a full colour street-level map.  The SMS also contains other information including the trackers remaining battery level and the time / date.

Click here to view how the colour street-level map is displayed on your mobile phone.

Do I need a computer to see where the tracker is? 
No.  You get the tiny tracker's location direct to your mobile phone!

Do I need an internet connection?
In order to see the colour map location your mobile phone will need enabled Wi-Fi or 3G capabilities.  If you only want the co-ordinates location then no internet connection is required.

How accurate is the location I get?
With a decent GPS signal/s the location will show with incredible accuracy - even the door number!

I'm not receiving a location when I call the tiny tracker?
This will happen if there is not enough sufficient (top-up) credit applied to the associated SIM card.

The location I receive isn't where the tracker is?
If the GPS signals are weak, the tracker will return the last most accurate location.

What is a 'GPS signal'?
GPS stands for Global Positioning System.  There are currently 31 GPS satellites orbiting our Earth.  The more satellites that can fix onto the mini tracker - the stronger the GPS signal and the better the location.

Can I use the tiny tracker overseas?
Yes.  The tracker is integrated with a quad-band GSM modem so it can be used any country Worldwide.

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