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White Noise Tube

White Noise Tube

OUR PRICE: £899.00 (£1078.80 incl VAT)

White Noise Tube; protection against audio recording devices for meeting rooms

The White Noise Tube will sit on your desk and protect your sensitive meetings against potential eavesdropping devices that operate between 150 - 18'000 Hz including wired and wireless microphones, or microphones that transmit from bugging devices and even from remote laser systems.

Once activated, this small portable unit will emit a very precise frequency tuned audio tone effectively interfering with the recording of audio devices - thus making it almost impossible to wiretap.  Any unauthorised recorded audio will play back as 'drowned noise' - making any recorded content useless.

The unit has a fully rechargeable lithium battery but can also be connected using USB alimentation power.  To further boost the range of audio distortion, an external speaker may also be connected to the unit.

This voice recorder white noise can be carried with you as the perfect travel companion and switched ON whenever you need to protect your home, office, vehicle or personal space against potential hidden recording devices.

  • High quality white-noise tube
  • Effectively interferes with digital and analogue recorders
  • Emits a very precise frequency audio tone
  • Completely portable
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • Operational time by power supply - unlimited
  • Operational time by batteries - approx five (5) hours
  • Two (2) channel operation - 150 - 18'000 Hz
  • Total output power - five (5) watts
  • Suppressing distance - up to five (5) meters
  • Can be connected to external speaker for range boosting
  • Suppression beam-width - Hx 150 degrees / Vx 120 degrees
  • Dimensions - 143 x 85 x 27 mm
  • Weight - xx
  • Supplied with white noise voice recorder and User Guide
  • Ideal for protecting your communication privacy against potential third party eavesdropping
Please Note:  This unit should not be used in hospitals, near pacemakers or hearing aids, inside an aircraft, or near potentially explosive materials or blast sites.

Please Note:  Will not disrupt audio recording from mobile phones


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