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Ultra Small Voice Recorder

Ultra Small Voice Recorder Ultra Small Voice RecorderUltra Small Voice RecorderUltra Small Voice Recorder

OUR PRICE: £275.00 (£330.00 incl VAT)

Ultra Small Digital Voice Recorder; with voice activation and 70 hours recording time

This tiny audio recorder is one of our top of the range professional devices - the size of a matchstick in length and hand-built for superior audio recording quality with extremely long recording times in excess of 70 hours!  With continuous recording, voice activated recording, and a scheduled timer for pre-set time / date recordings in advance, this is a high spec mini audio recorder of the highest calibre.

The device is integrated with an extremely sensitive microphone which is capable of recording clear audio some 30 feet away from where the device is placed, and due to the recorders very small dimensions and digital design it can be situated within the target location whilst remaining completely silent in operation and capable of recording in a wide temperature range.
Constructed of a lightweight aluminium casing, the recorder is integrated with a real-time clock & calendar so that each audio recording is time / date stamped as evidence and stored to its internal four (4) GB flash memory - thats enough capacity to hold 840 hours of total audio recordings.  All audio files are archived in chronological order for easy navigation.  Furthermore, for added security, the recorder can be enabled with password protection to the devices internal memory.

Designed for use with the Windows Operating System, this custom and precise Widget Tool / RC Manager Software allows you to pre-configure the audio recorder to your preferred settings which is then saved to the devices flash memory.  Choose from a variety of powerful settings to maximise the recording time, audio quality, pre-scheduled recording dates and much more.

Powered from a small lithium Zinc-Air battery and controlled by a single push button design, this really is a high-powered superb easy-to-use recording device.

Deploy in almost any indoor environment including your home / office / vehicle / caravan / etc to gather audio evidence.

  • An ultra small audio recorder approx the size of a matchstick
  • Designed in a lightweight aluminium casing
  • Single push button operation
  • High sensitivity integral microphone with a 30+ feet range
  • Unique custom and precise Widget Tool software for Windows operating systems
  • LED indicator will notify you of start / stop recording (can be disabled)
  • Recording time - 26 continuous hours on the highest audio setting / 70 hours continuous recording on the lowest audio setting
  • Flash storage capacity - in-built four (4) GB
  • Battery type - throw away Zinc-Air (type ZA675 / PR44)
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Password protected access
  • Time & date stamping
  • Internal real time clock & calendar
  • Audio recordings can be played back, stored, archived or emailed
  • Voice activation recording
  • Scheduled timer recording - specify a time & date to start / stop recording
  • Scheduled timer with voice activation recording - voice activated recording between a pre-set time & date
  • Selectable sample rate - 5.500 KHz / 8'000 KHz / 11'000 KHz / 16'000 KHz / 22'000 KHz (highest audio quality)
  • Selectable compression settings
  • Operating temperature - 0 - +40 degrees
  • Dynamic range - -65 dB
  • Frequency band - 0.1 - 10 KHz
  • Signal processing by 16-bit audio codec
  • Automatic gain control (AGC filtering technology)
  • USB 1.1 / 2.0 data transfer to computer
  • Dimensions - 45 x 9 x 15 mm
  • Compatible with Windows 32 / 64-bit / Vista / Windows 7
  • Supplied with ultra small audio recorder, 2x lithium Zinc-Air batteries, USB cable, RC Manager software and User Guide
  • Ideal for superior audio recording for evidential purposes

How small is the recorder?
Smaller than your little finger!  It is only a few mms bigger than the Official Guinness World's Smallest Voice Recorder.

Is it easy to use?
A minimum level of computer knowledge is required because the recorder is packed with features for such a small size.

How do I make a recording?
The ultra-small voice recorder has only one (1) button to start / stop recording.

Do I have to install any software to my PC?
No.  Although you are supplied with a custom software program for Windows computers called the 'RC Manager'.  The RC Manager allows you to access the recorded files, play back any recorded files, download audio files from the recorders flash memory to your computer and change any settings.

How many hours will it record for?
The highest audio quality setting (22'000 Khz) will provide 26 hours of continuous recording, however, lowering the recording quality will increase the recording time.  For example: 70 hours recording time is achievable when set between eight (8) kHz and 16 kHz.

Is it voice activated?
Yes.  This can be switched ON / OFF through the RC Manager software.

Can the ultra small recorder be scheduled to record during specified hours?
Yes.  This can be set through the RC Manager.  The ultra small can also be set to record only upon voice activation during specified hours too!

How far away can the microphone pick up audio?
The microphone is very sensitive and the audio is extremely clear - approx 30-35 feet is achievable under best working conditions.

Are there any flashing lights or buzzing noises when recording?
No.  The LED indicator can be switched OFF through the RC Manager.

Where can I get the recorded audio from?
All recorded audio file/s are stored in WAV format to the recorders four (4) GB flash memory.  This is accessed through the RC Manager software.

Can I play back the audio recordings on my Mac?
No.  The RC Manager is compatible with Windows operating systems only.

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