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SIM Recovery Service

SIM Recovery Service
£99.00(£118.80 incl VAT)
OUR PRICE: £50.00 (£60.00 incl VAT)

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Forensic Text Message Recovery Service 

TextSpy Detective is a forensic recovery SERVICE will effectively extract and forensically examine both 2G and 3G SIM cards including 3G USIM.  Our powerful software will also extract text messages purposely or accidentally deleted that would otherwise never be found presenting the evidence in an easy to read format. Further to that, this software is used by leading companies which means the evidence provided 'MAY' be used in a Court of Law.


  • Accidentally wiped an important message?
  • Have you lost important numbers?
  • Are your children being bullied at school?  Mobile intimidation is classed as a cyber form of bullying
  • Are your kids receiving adult content messages?  It is a fact that pedophiles use the internet and the mobile phone network for anonymous communications with children
  • Are your employees taking advantage of their business phone? If you are paying the bill, you have the right to view its contents
  • Easy to install and use
  • Reads both 2G and 3G SIM cards from any country on any network
  • No technical skill required
  • Retrieve all deleted data including a complete forensic inspection within minutes


This advertised listing of £50 is for a service we offer whereby you send us your SIM card for us to provide a forensic deleted recovery of text messages.  We do not send any product to you, this is a service we offer in which we will return your SIM card and a detailed report.

Please download the example PDF from the top right hand side of this web page to see how the structure of a detailed report is provided.  Our service is very quick and completely confidential.

The price of £50 is roughly about the cost of a gimmicky product you will see flooded throughout the internet with one exception - our software is a forensic tool that cost us £thousands to acquire.

Purchase our service today, send us your SIM card and within 24 hrs, you can be reading the same forensically extracted detailed report as provided and used by worldwide leading organisations without the certainty of other gimmicks letting you down.

This is a professional service at a budget cost and a great aid to help settle disputes or recover valuable or sentimental SMS information.

This is a deleted text message recovery SERVICE only.

How long does a reading take?
It takes approx two (2) minutes for TextSpy Detective to acquire all of the data from any 2G / 3G SIM card.

What if the SIM card is protected by a PIN code?
TextSpy Detective will ask us for the PIN code if required, although most mobile phone users never actually use a PIN.  Please check before sending any SIM card to us if there is a PIN code protected on the SIM.

The PIN code allows three (3) attempts to guess the PIN before it will deny access.  A PIN code is not known, therefore if blocked after the 3rd attempt, the SIM can only be unblocked with a special PUK (PIN Unblocking Key) from the network provider.

This special key bypasses the PIN protection allowing access to the information stored.  If there is a PIN code on your SIM card and you do not know the code, we will return your SIM card.

How exactly does TextSpy Detective work?
The software understands the communication protocol required to talk to the SIM card inside the handset and knows where all the information is stored.  It mimics the operation of the phone and then systematically retrieves all accessible data on the card.

More importantly, TextSpy Detective never changes any data stored on the SIM card, it will only ever read the data.

Can TextSpy Detective be used worldwide on any network?
Yes.  The handset must be a GSM or 3G phone.  GSM is worldwide standard and all GSM / 3G phones contain a SIM.  The design of a SIM is always the same, regardless of country or manufacturer.

TextSpy Detective will tell you which network provider issued the SIM and the county they operate in.  TextSpy Detective also knows all the international dialing codes and can be configured with national area codes if required.  UK national area codes are provided as standard.

How many deleted messages can be recovered and how far back can deleted messages be recovered?
This two part question is the most commonly asked.  All SIM cards have the capacity to store anywhere between 10 - 20 deleted messages depending on the memory size of the chip.  Some SIM cards have a larger memory capacity than other SIM cards.

The second part of the question works on the basis that once the maximum capacity of the SIM card has been reached, the first deleted message is then overwritten.  For example, as the 21st message is deleted, the 1st deleted message is then overwritten thus continuing in a loop.

The text message reader will attempt to recover ALL possible deleted messages from your SIM card.

Do you guarantee to recover deleted messages?
We cannot guarantee to recover all or any deleted messages and we will explain the process in layman's terms.  When you delete an SMS message one of three things will determine the outcome:

A deleted SMS message is stored invisibly to the SIM card in which case the forensic deleted text message software will locate and display the deleted content

A deleted SMS message is stored invisibly to the handset in which case the forensic deleted text message software will be unable to locate and display the deleted content

A deleted SMS message is completely erased by the handset in order to free memory space capacity in which the forensic deleted text message software will be unable to locate and display the deleted content

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