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Modern Voice Recording Pen

Modern Voice Recording Pen Modern Voice Recording PenModern Voice Recording PenModern Voice Recording Pen

OUR PRICE: £125.00 (£150.00 incl VAT)

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Modern Slimline Writing Pen; with Manual and Voice Activated Recording Modes

This is a beautiful slimline writing pen with a clever voice recording mechanism - the design is very subtle with the audio microphone tucked away and yet provides exceptionally clear recording even at distances of approx 30 feet from where the pen is placed.  With continuous and voice activation recording modes, the pen is ideal for those looking for high quality build quality and top-level recording capabilities.

Simply carry the pen about your person, or casually leave the pen behind on a table, desk or shelf to capture important meetings, interviews, dictation or verbal slander.  For 'on-the-fly' recording, the pen uses an ingenuous quick start recording mechanism which can be activated even under the eyes of the most observant person.

The pen can switch between continuous and voice activation recording modes for situations when you need to deploy the pen to record only the relevant audio for example: in a vehicle, or room environment when you are absent.  Audio will then be captured when voices / noise is detected - thus eliminating all unwanted silence throughout the recorded files.

The pen is integrated with a fully rechargeable lithium battery which can power the recording for a total of 33 hours (long play mode) or 12 hours (extra high quality mode).  Should you forget to stop the recording, the pen will automatically store recorded file/s at the end of its power so no important data is lost.
To recharge the device and / or play back stored audio recordings, simply connect the pen to your Windows or Mac computer via the USB port found at the very top of the pen.  Earphones are also supplied for playing the recorded files if you do not have access to a computer or for play back whilst on the move.

To cover the USB port at the top of the pen, we can supply a cap cover which simply slots in the hole.  Whilst we feel the pen cap isn't a necessity, it does add extra confidence.  The pen cap can be purchased as an additional accessory from the drop-down menu above.

You can also store important documents, files and folders to the pens internal storage memory and because its appearance is that of a standard writing pen - who would ever suspect!

There is no software to install, and during recording there are no flashing lights, beeping noises or moving parts.

Finished in a beautiful black aluminium and steel colour design, the pen oozes quality workmanship.

Please Note:  This pen does not provide a time / date of audio recordings.

  • Fully functional modern writing pen with audio surveillance recording
  • Superior high quality design
  • Slimline body
  • Black and steel colour design
  • Subtle recording mechanism
  • Quick start audio recording
  • Recording modes - continuous AND voice activation
  • Audio microphone range - approx 30 feet
  • No visible lights / sounds / vibration / moving parts during recording
  • Recording times - 33 hours (long play) / 16 hours (high quality) / 12 hours (extra high quality)
  • Recording format - MP3
  • Battery - fully rechargeable in-built lithium
  • Storage capacity - one (1) GB / 140 hours
  • Charging time - three (3) hours
  • Earphones for approx eight (8) hours of audio play back
  • LED charging
  • USB transmission speed - USB 2.0 / 960 KBPS
  • Optional pen cap cover
  • Dimensions - 133 x 10 mm
  • Weight 18 grams
  • Operating system - Windows and Mac
  • Supplied with modern voice recording pen, USB cable, two (2) additional ink refills, earphones and User Guide
  • Ideal for capturing audio of important meetings, interviews, dictation, or verbal slander for evidential purposes
Please Note: This pen does not provide a time / date of audio recordings.

Please Note: This pen should not be used as your preferred writing instrument due to the shortened ink cartridge.  There are two (2) additional ink cartridges supplied.

Does the pen look normal?

Yes.  This pen can be used to write as normal but is also very slim, and without doubt one of the nicest pen recorders.  Additionally, we also supply a pen cap which covers the small USB port for complete peace of mind.

How do I make a recording?
The recording mechanism is very subtle - simply slide the pen clip to start / stop recording.  There are NO flashing LED's or any other giveaway indicators during recording.

Can the pen record whilst being charged?

How many hours will the pen record for?
A fully charged battery will provide sufficient power to record continuously for the maximum 33 hours (long play).

What is the memory capacity of the pen?
Equipped with a one (1) GB storage memory, the pen can hold 144 hours of total recordable audio.  Additionally, because the pen uses flash storage, you can also drop documents or other private information to the pens memory.

Does the pen have a voice activation feature?
Yes.  Voice activation recording is ideal to use when you wish to eliminate long periods of silence in a recording.  Audio recording will only commence when the pen detects sound and stop recording when there is no activity.

What is the standby time?
The pen will hold its power for approx three (3) days before a top-up recharge is required.

Which format does the pen record in?
Each recorded audio file is stored in MP3 format.  MP3 is an excellent recording format suitable for playback on all Windows computers.

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