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Keystealth Ultimate Computer Monitoring

Keystealth Ultimate Computer Monitoring Keystealth Ultimate Computer MonitoringKeystealth Ultimate Computer MonitoringKeystealth Ultimate Computer Monitoring

OUR PRICE: £129.00 (£154.80 incl VAT)

Computer Monitoring USB Spy Stick; with one (1) second installation and future-proof anti-detection technology 

The Keystealth Ultimate is a World class computer monitoring software supplied on a portable USB memory stick.  KSD is so powerful and completely customisable that it makes all other internet computer monitoring loggers inferior - GUARANTEED.

There is no other USB device on the market that can match KSD Ultimate for speed of installation (just ONE second) and anti-detection technology.

Additionally, KSD is the ONLY device that can be remotely updated in real-time against the latest anti-virus detection and new features!

What makes Keystealth Ultimate unique is that it does not need to remain plugged in to work.  Just plug in to install, and then remove the device and walk away.

- Plug the KSD spy stick into your own computer and using the easy-to-use online menu input your email address.
- Configure additional settings (clickable selections) for example; how frequently a report is sent to your email address etc.
- Once configured, press the 'Install' button and the software program will install in less than one (1) second.
- A test email will then be sent to your specified Gmail, Hotmail or AOL address to show you everything is working correctly.
- Remove the KSD spy stick.

You are now ready to install the monitoring software to any other Windows based computer.

- Insert the KSD spy stick into the target computer and press the 'Install' button.
- The software program will install in blazingly fast speed.
Remove the KSD spy stick from the target computer and walk away.
- Check your email address for the User Activity Report/s.

The software program is not restricted to licenses therefore, you can install KSD over and over again!
  • Records keystrokes (even hidden characters)
  • Records general user activity screenshots
  • Records programs launched
  • Records Windows applications
  • Records screenshots from ICQ and Skype video sessions
  • Records screenshots of all viewed videos (no other device can offer this amazing capability)
  • Records all texts from ICQ, Skype etc (both users of the session)
  • Records all archives of ICQ, Skype etc
  • Records chats from ICQ and Skype
  • Records chats from MSN
Please Note:  If you do not have an email address or prefer to retrieve the recorded information from the target computer manually, then simply insert the Keystealth device back into the target computer and click on the 'Transfer to Device' button.  All recorded data will download to the device's flash memory to take away and analyse.

Sends recorded information from the target computer to any Gmail, AOL or Yahoo! email account.

KSD will rapidly open a User Activity Report regardless of how much recorded data has been stored.

When an update is available simply click the 'Update' button (from within the KSD online menu).  The latest anti-detection technology will be immediately updated to your memory stick.

The KSD software program is designed so it does not conflict or slow down the target computer's performance due to its incredibly light-weight engine.



Ground breaking technology
Built from the ground up, unlike mass produced similar devices, Keystealth Ultimate is a unique one-of-a-kind product.

One (1) second installation
Blink and you will miss the installation process!

Supports many different email clients
Gmail, Hotmail, AOL plus many more email addresses have now been added.

Super fast data reading
When opening a recorded User Activity Report the process is extremely fast - no waiting around.

Future-proof design
Simply click the 'update' button from within the KSD menu to instantly receive the latest new features.

Remotely email sending
Covertly sends a User Activity Report directly to your specified email address.  No servers are used.

Works on all Windows operating systems

Keystealth is compatible with ALL Windows operating systems including 32-bit / 64-bit / Windows 7 etc..

Four (4) GB USB Stick

KSD program is encrypted to a high quality portable four (4) GB USB memory stick which allows for storing many days (even weeks of activity depending on computer use) of online / offline content.

Auto erase technology

Designed to be removed from the target computer without leaving installation files behind.  All traces of its existence are completely erased.

Time and date stamped recordings

All recorded content (whether that is online / offline activity) is broken down for easy understanding with colour coded viewing accompanied with a time / date stamp as evidential proof.

Unlimited licenses

Keystealth Ultimate is yours to keep and install to as many computers that you own without license restrictions.

No specialist knowledge
Designed by professionals for novices with Plug & Play ease of use.

KSD allows you to monitor the safety of your children or employee computer activity in complete confidence.  There are no commands or passwords to remember - this is seriously advanced technology in a very user-friendly product.

Keystealth Ultimate (KSD) is for use on a computer/s which you own or you have express permission by the owner.  You are responsible for how you use our software and services.  You represent and warrant to us that you will comply with all applicable laws, including without limitation privacy laws, when using our software and services.  

  • Groundbreaking forward thinking computer monitoring technology
  • High quality USB memory stick integrated with encrypted software / hardware
  • Invisible to all anti-virus scanners
  • One (1) second installation
  • Automatic updates and features
  • Memory capacity - four (4) GB flash storage
  • Does not conflict or have abrasive effects on normal computer use
  • Incredibly easy-to-use
  • Configure settings to your requirements before installation to target computer
  • Records Keystrokes - even hidden characters
  • Records general user activity screenshots
  • Records programs launched
  • Records Windows applications
  • Records screenshots from ICQ and Skype video sessions
  • Records screenshots of all viewed videos (no other device can offer this amazing capability)
  • Records all texts from ICQ, Skype etc (both users of the session)
  • Records all archives of ICQ, Skype etc
  • Records chats from ICQ and Skype
  • Records chats from MSN
  • Define keyword/s to trigger screenshot capture
  • No screenshot capture if computer running idle
  • Choose to remotely transfer recorded content to your specified email address (after 3.5 GB of user activity memory is used)
  • Choose to manually transfer recorded content from target computer to Keystealth
  • Works with email clients including Gmail, AOL + Yahoo!
  • Rapid data (activity report) viewing
  • Time and date stamp
  • Auto-erase technology
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Operates on all Windows operating systems
  • Supplied with Keystealth Ultimate USB device and User Guide
Please Note:  Keystealth Ultimate is not compatible with MAC computers.

Please Note:  Keystealth Ultimate is for installation to a computer/s that is owned by the user.  It is against the law to install and monitor a computer which does not belong to the user, or authorisation has not been granted by the user to install and monitor the computer.

Please Note: Do not purchase this item using Paypal due to their restriction on computer surveillance related products. 

What operating systems does Keystealth Ultimate work on?
All Windows operating system computers can be used with KSD.

Is this really a keystealth product because there are many similar looking devices!
KSD is an original, genuine and exclusive product to Online Spy Shop.  Other similar devices are mass produced and flawed when new anti-virus updates become available. 

I need fast installation!
Installation is almost the same speed as a blink of the eye!  There is NO other similar software on the market that has this blazing fast speed.

Do I need to leave KSD plugged into the target computer to record?
No.  Once the program has been installed, the KSD stick can be removed.

Ive forgotten the administrator password - can I still install the software program?
No.  You will need admin privileges (password) in order to install the KSD software.

How do I view the content that KSD has captured?
REMOTELY - the recorded content can be remotely sent to your email address.
MANUALLY - plug the KSD stick into the target computer and hit the 'transfer' button.  All previously recorded content will quickly transfer from a hidden location on the computer to the KSD stick. 

Does the target computer need an internet connection?
Only if you want the recorded content to be remotely emailed to you.

Can I use my Gmail account with KSD?
Yes.  KSD supports many email clients.

Does it leave any tell-tale traces it was installed?
No.  Superb anti-detection technology assures all traces including installation files are completely erased.

Does it still record if the computer is in Private Browsing mode?
No.  When private browsing the computer doesn't store information therefore, KSD's (or any other monitoring device) report will be empty.

Ive got many days worth of recorded information - how quick does the Activity Report open?
Very quickly!  The process takes little resources and no waiting time.

What happens when the anti-virus companies update their databases - will KSD be detected?
No.  Simply insert the KSD stick into your computer and hit the 'update' button.  All new features including the latest anti-virus detection will instantly be installed making KSD future-proof!

Can it really record Skype and other ICQ chats?
Yes.  KSD has more functionality, richer features, and better performance than anything you are ever likely to see elsewhere.

How many times can I install KSD?
KSD offers unlimited licensed installations.

We love KSD but can you make this for our company too?
Yes.  As we are the exclusive distributors of KSD, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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