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Pro 4000D RF Bug Detector

Pro 4000D RF Bug Detector Pro 4000D RF Bug DetectorPro 4000D RF Bug DetectorPro 4000D RF Bug Detector

OUR PRICE: £339.00 (£406.80 incl VAT)

Bug Detector 4.8 GHz; with Bar-Graph Display 

The Pro 4000D is an entry level hand-held RF detector which effectively locates hidden transmitting bugs operating between 0 to 4.8 GHz frequency.  Using advanced digital technology, this device sweeps for specific transmitters including GSM audio, GPS tracking devices, UHF / VHF and FM carriers, and other types of overt / covert transmitting devices which can harm your privacy.
The unit incorporates ten (10) LED bar-graph display which indicates a transmitters signal strength and then omits an audio tone - thus enabling you to locate the transmitter.  Once you have located a suspect signal then simply attach the supplied headphones to use the 'Demodulation' functionality to identify whether the suspect device is transmitting audio such as from a bugging device microphone or a telephone bug transmitter.
A low battery indicator will alert you to ensure that you are never searching for bugs without maximum performance.

The detector can be used to scan a room before sensitive meetings or check for unauthorised 'planted' equipment within the grounds of offices, prisons or hospitals for example.
This entry level RF detector is a great investment to help protect your premises against unlawful intervention of your personal and business equipment.

  • Hand-held RF bug detector
  • Sweeps for transmitting frequencies between 0 - 4.8 GHz
  • Analogue and digital signal detection
  • High sensitivity 
  • 10 LED bar-graph display
  • Audible signal strength 'beep'
  • Audio demodulation
  • Operates from a PP3 alkaline battery
  • Detachable semi rigid antenna and flexible types supplied
  • Dimensions - 88 x 68 x 22 mm
  • Smart presentation and carry case included


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