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PS/2 Keylogger

PS/2 Keylogger

OUR PRICE: £99.00 (£118.80 incl VAT)

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Keylogging Computer Monitoring; with PS/2 connection and optional high level encryption

Key loggers are very small, discrete, and easy-to-use devices that monitor all computer keyboard activity including email, instant messaging, chat room activity, and web URLs.  Key loggers are Plug and Play which makes them not only very quick to install between the keyboard and computer but with very limited technical knowledge.
Key loggers operate passively which means no software can pick up their connected presence and therefore remain invisible.  Many versions are available from basic smaller memory to larger encrypted memory and are approx 48mm long and simply plug on the end of any standard PS/2 keyboard which them plugs into the computer.

No setup is required and as long as the connection is a PS/2 you can move them from one computer to another.  Once connected, the key logger will automatically begin to capture all keyboard activity that is typed and store the data to the key loggers internal flash memory.  Simply put; the larger the memory size of the key logger, the more data it can hold.
These key loggers support national keyboard layouts too!

Brand NEW for 2012, these PS/2 key loggers take only moments to install but will store many months of typing for retrieval at a later date.

Ideal for monitoring your own computer/s, employee/s, children, or simply to be used for backing up important data.

Please Note:  Colours vary from either cream or black and size differs depending on storage memory capacity.

Please Note:  This product is for installation to a computer that is owned by the user.  It is against the law to install and monitor a computer which does not belong to the user, or authorisation has not been granted by the user to install and monitor the computer.

Please Note: Do not purchase this item using Paypal due to their restriction on computer surveillance related products.


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