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Spy Equipment Home - GSM Audio Listening Bug - GSM European Listening Socket Lead

GSM European Listening Socket Lead

GSM European Listening Socket Lead

OUR PRICE: £199.00 (£238.80 incl VAT)

Optional Extras 


Mains Powered GSM Euro Plug Socket Lead; with remote room monitoring and listening

This fully functional GSM European Socket Lead operates as you would expect from a normal electrical power supply however, the meticulous electronics allow you to dial the SIM card (supplied) hidden inside the socket lead to silently listen into the surrounding environment up to 25 feet away from where the lead is plugged in.  The connection is automatic giving absolutely no indication that you are monitoring the audio surroundings.

The socket lead is completely inconspicuous and can be visually examined without revealing its hidden capabilities for complete peace of mind.

Simply plug the lead into any Euro mains wall socket and use it just as you would as an everyday electrical device.  As the unit is powered from the mains power supply, it is ready to perform 24/7 without the need of any additional batteries or a recharge, thus providing extremely long term audio monitoring surveillance.

Listen to our GSM adapter - please call us for a demonstration

Audio as it should be - No humming, No cackling, No mains feedback.  One of the fine advantages of our workmanship is reliability and clear audio listening quality.

Please be aware of poor quality GSM socket leads on the market.  Yes, in principle they work but shoddy workmanship can never compensate for an electrical spark or a blown appliance.  We ensure all our products are quality controlled and engineered to the highest safety standards.

NEW! Record what you are listening to!
Take advantage of recording the audio for evidential purposes simply by plugging the iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Call Recorder to your mobile phone.  This smart little device will discreetly record all sounds and conversations that you are listening to when you call the GSM Euro socket lead.  Now you can listen and record everything in real-time too!

The iPhone / Smartphone recorder can be purchased from the drop down menu above at a discount price compared to purchasing the item separately.

Our GSM Euro socket lead provides discreet remote audio monitoring as an additional security for your home / office / caravan / holiday home etc.

Please Note:  The length of the cable is only for illustration purposes - the actual cable is of normal length for this product.
  • Fully functional mains powered Euro socket lead
  • Professionally hand-built
  • Powers from the electrical mains supply
  • Dial in to listen from anywhere in the World
  • Record audio - using the iPhone / smartphone mobile call recorder
  • No batteries required
  • Operates on all European communications frequency
  • Audio microphone - approx 25 feet
  • Suppled with GSM Euro socket lead and User Guide
  • Ideal to discreetly monitor the audio environment of your home / office for evidential purposes
Please Note:  The length of the cable is only for illustration purposes - the actual cable is of normal length for this product.
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