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Pocket Telephone Recording Lead

Pocket Telephone Recording Lead

OUR PRICE: £25.00 (£30.00 incl VAT)

Pocket Telephone Recording Lead; Compatible with Mobile Phone and Landline

This pocket telephone recording lead is a very simple and cost effective way to record your mobile phone or landline telephone calls.  Simply plug the recording lead into the MIC socket of any standard battery powered digital voice recorder (3.5mm jack socket), then insert the earpiece and press record on the voice recorder.  Both sides of the telephone call will then be recorded to the voice recorder in clear quality and without any audio interference.

Simply carry this telephone recording lead along with your voice recorder and at a moments notice easily record calls from mobile phones, payphones, landlines, cordless, PABX etc..

Our recording leads are specifically designed to eliminate annoying radio interference that are normally associated with poorer quality recording leads.

If you need a voice recorder to accompany your pocket telephone lead, we can supply this digital voice recorder with linear PCM recording which is the equivalent to CD quality: Stereo Digital Voice Recorder

This is a very cost effective solution to keeping records of verbal purchasing and ordering agreements, important business calls or monitoring abusive calls as evidence. 

  • Interference free pocket mobile phone / landline recording lead
  • Clear audio
  • 3.5 mm jack socket
  • Easy to use
  • Works Worldwide
  • Supplied with portable telephone recording lead
  • Ideal to record your landline or mobile phone calls for prosperity
Please Note: This is a lead for use with a standard battery powered voice recorder and not for computer based systems.

Please Note: The recording of telephone calls may be illegal in some countries.  Please check your local laws before purchasing and refer to our terms and conditions of sale.

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