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Electronic Calculator Voice Recorder

Electronic Calculator Voice Recorder

OUR PRICE: £99.00 (£118.80 incl VAT)

A Functional Electronic Spy Calculator; with hidden digital voice recorder and three (3) days of continuous recording

This fully functional electronic calculator is cleverly disguised with a high-end voice recorder - ideal for placing on the desk of your home / office without arousing any suspicion.  Discreetly capture important meetings, interviews, dictation, general conversations, and sensitive audio material as evidential purposes without giving any indication whatsoever!

The calculator uses a slide switch to start / stop recording so appears incredibly natural.  You can manually record for up to three (3) days either as a continuous 72-hour recording or in shorter start / stop recording bursts as and when needed.  The audio quality is absolutely outstanding - capable of picking up clear audio over 30 feet away from where the calculator is placed!

The calculator uses solar-power for the calculator functionality so can be used for everyday use whilst the hidden voice recording functionality uses a standard AA battery.  Should you forget to stop the recording, the calculator will automatically save the recorded audio once the battery drains without losing any important data.

Additionally, the calculator recorder can also be used as a mass storage device to store important files, pictures or documents and because its appearance is that of a calculator - who would ever suspect?

All audio recordings are stored in WAV format to the calculator's internal flash memory and ready for play back on your computers Window Media Player or any other compatible media player.


Covert design
Professionally engineered, this calculator confidently assures you of discreet high-end recording whilst maintaining a fully functional design.
Superior recording audio quality
The calculator will record at 64 KBPS to provide crisp and clear audio quality over 30 feet from where the calculator is placed.

Super long recording times
With a hidden recording mechanism, the calculator will continuously record high-end audio for up to three (3) continuous days!

AGC feature
Automatic gain control is usually only found on higher specification models and this is no exception.  This intelligent feature will automatically record at controlled audio levels depending on the sensitivity of the environment it is working under.  This means the final recording is clear and helps dispel unwanted background noises.
Easy to use
The calculator functionality uses solar-power for normal everyday use.  The hidden voice recording functionality uses a standard AA battery.  Recording is controlled by a single slide switch to start / stop recording, therefore the entire working mechanism appears incredibly natural.  No software to install and No technical skill is required.  

This is a fantastic way to incorporate a covert voice recorder into your home or office environment without arousing any suspicion.

  • Fully functional electronic calculator for everyday use
  • Professionally engineered
  • Totally silent operating mechanism
  • Calculator uses solar-power for normal everyday use 
  • Can be used as a Mass Storage Device for storing documents etc
  • Discreet slide switch controls the entire working operation
  • Hidden LED under keypad shows recording status
  • No sounds / vibrations / moving parts
  • Audio distance - approx 30 feet under optimal conditions
  • Standby time - approx three (3) days / 72 hours
  • Recording time - approx three (3) days / 72 hours
  • Recording quality - 64 KPBS
  • Recording format - WAV
  • Recording index - 500 files
  • Storage format - two (2) GB internal flash memory
  • Compatibility - Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7
  • Power supply - 1x AA battery (for the hidden voice recording functionality)
  • Dimensions - 120 x 150 x 45 mm
  • Weight - 152 grams
  • Supplied with calculator voice recorder, USB cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for home and office use for discreetly capturing audio evidence


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