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Men's Watch HD Camera

Men's Watch HD Camera Men's Watch HD CameraMen's Watch HD CameraMen's Watch HD Camera

OUR PRICE: £99.00 (£118.80 incl VAT)

Men's Spy Watch; with hidden 1080P low light IR recording camera

This fully functional gentleman's wrist-watch can be worn as a normal timepiece but is also integrated with a cleverly disguised high-resolution (HD) video camera for covert undercover recordings.  This watch is the latest release to include an infa-red (IR) illuminator for enhanced recording - even under low light conditions.  Additionally, a supplied water resistant button covers the microphone hole for situations when around water.

The watch has a stainless steel fascia with brown leather strap and its convincing appearance makes it ideal for individuals to gather evidential proof including police, private investigators, mystery shoppers, trading standards, field operatives, reporters, in fact, this watch can be worn by just about anyone without revealing it's hidden recording mechanism.

Powered by an internal fully rechargeable lithium battery, this watch will record video footage accompanied with clear audio for approx 50 minutes per charge - and each recording is time / dated stamped for integrity.  All recordings are stored to it's internal flash memory ready for play back through your Windows or Mac Media computer.

The watch recorder can also be used as a four (4) GB mass storage device to hold important files, pictures or documents and because its appearance is that of a wrist-watch - who would ever suspect?

There is NO software to install, NO setup procedures and whilst recording there is NO flashing lights, beeping noises or moving parts thus assuring complete peace of mind when capturing video evidence!


High-definition (HD) recording with picture snapshot
Full colour 1920 x 1080 resolution @ 30 frames per second (FPS).  The watch also supports 4032 x 3024 snapshot resolution should you require to capture discreet images.

NEW! IR low-light recording
The in-built illuminator provides a better, brighter video recording when working in low light conditions.

Masculine design
A stainless steel fascia and brown leather strap for a subtle but masculine appearance.

Water resistant button
This additional button simply screws-on to replace the microphone button which then provides a secure seal when the watch is near water.

Cleverly concealed hidden camera
The camera lens is cleverly disguised within the frontal fascia for complete peace of mind.  You can be assured of capturing hidden video footage without compromise - even close up.

Auto-save function
At any point, should the internal battery drain or you forget to stop the recording, the watch will automatically save and store the recorded files so you do not lose any important data.

This men's video / audio recording watch is one of the best 'hands-free' hidden camcorders for capturing undercover recordings in almost all environments.

  • Fully functional gentleman's wrist watch
  • High-definition 1080P (HD) hidden video / audio camera
  • Infa-red (IR) for enhanced recording under low light conditions
  • Water resistant design (screw-on button to cover microphone hole)
  • Stainless steel fascia with brown leather strap
  • Recording time - 50 minutes (per charge)
  • Recording format - four (4) GB internal flash memory
  • Video resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Picture resolution - 4032 x 3024
  • Frame rate - 30 frames per second
  • Viewing angle - 62 degrees
  • Minimum illumination - lux
  • Time and date stamp
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • Video file format - AVI
  • Audio file format - WMA
  • Picture file format - JPEG
  • LED status (not visible when recording)
  • Can be used as a mass storage for files, pictures and documents
  • Battery charge - DC 5 V
  • Charging time - approx two (2) hours
  • Storage temperature - -20 - -80 degrees
  • Operating temperature - 0 - 60 degrees
  • Operating system - Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Mac
  • Dimensions - 110 x 105 x 70 mm
  • Weight - 125 grams
  • Supplied with men's HD recording watch, CD, USB cable, USB mains charger and User Guide
Please Note:  The recording capacity may vary if photographs have also been taken and battery recording times will vary due to temperature and the frequency of use.

Please Note:  Whilst the watch is fully functional, the chronological dials on the watch fascia are for added effect only.

Does the watch work as a normal timepiece?
Yes.  The watch operates with normal timekeeping and anybody looking at the watch will not identify its hidden recording capability.

Does the watch look big and bulky?
Not really.  The watch is slightly larger than average due to the integrated video technology however, the watch should not draw any unwanted attention.

What is the recording quality like?
Video footage is captured in full colour HD 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30 FPS (frames per second).  Additionally, the watch is integrated with IR technology for better recording in low-light conditions.  Each recording is accompanied with clear audio and a time / date stamp for evidential purposes.

Will the angle of the spy camera record a large room?
Yes.  The hidden camera has a 62 degree wide-angled view therefore, the camera lens will capture the room with excellent scope and detail.

What is the video recording time?
The watch will record for approx 50 minutes per charge.

How does the watch obtain its power?
A fully rechargeable lithium battery is cleverly built inside the fascia of the watch.

How do I play back the recorded footage?
Recordings are stored to the watch's in-built four (4) GB flash memory.  This is a massive storage capacity capable of holding many hours of recordings.  Simply connect the watch to your computer using the supplied USB cable to play back the recorded footage.

Can I use the watch as a Mass Storage?
Yes.  In addition to the video recordings - you can also store important data including folders, files, pictures and documents to the watch's flash memory for safe keeping.

Can I play back the video recordings on my Apple Mac?
Yes.  Both Windows and Mac computers are supported.

Can I just take picture snapshots?
Yes.  The watch recorder is equipped to store up to 999 images at super-high 4032 x 3024 resolution.

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