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How To Be A Bonafide Spy

Okay, so over the years we’ve told you all about the very last spy gadgets and gizmo’s on the market, we’ve picked apart every spy hero ever created, we’ve taught you how to avoid suspicion and how to be on the lookout for anything suspicious.  Now let’s get down to the serious business of turning you into a spy.

There are several things which you have to do if you want to be a successful spy or create a great spy agency, so follow our guide and you can’t go wrong…or if you do go wrong, you’ve at least given it a good try!

If you’re planning on creating the next MI:5, you need to get your team organised.  Spying is safer and way more fun with two or more people.  If you decide to go it alone, that’s fine too but you’ll have no-one to brag to after a successful mission.  Teammates are there to back you up and can help you to complete missions faster.  You need the following people for your crack team: technology bod (computer genius will suffice), a map guy who can get plans and charts sorted, IQ-through-the-roof-guy for general cleverness, small-built bod for crawl spaces, and a strongman for all heavy lifting duties and generally beating people up.  Make sure everybody knows who’s boss (you) and they fall into the pecking order accordingly.

The name you choose is vital to your success as a spy.  Nobody is scared of ‘The Yellow Gerbil’, but something along the lines of ‘The Phantom’ might do the trick.  Once you sound the part, looking the part is next.  You will need clothes which blend in to your environment, and aren’t too much of a give-away. Sometimes wearing your ordinary clothes is better. This way, no one will suspect you. Gloves are useful too, a balaclava is probably a bit too obvious.

Okay, so you sounds the part and look the part, but do you have the required ammo?  Surveillance and spy gadgets are a must, but you have to also practice using the spy gadgets before they are needed in action.  Finding you don’t have any batteries for your voice recorder when out in the firls will do you no good whatsoever.  Do several practice run-throughs of your mission in different locations than the actual mission in order to test and get used to your gadgets and clothes. This way, you will know the shortcuts and limitations of your equipment.

Intelligence, intelligence, intelligence.  No, we’re not talking about your IQ here, we’re talking about gathering as much information on your target and the area as possible.  Check out the surroundings of your mission’s location for any hiding spots and escape routes.  Make a detailed map and take lots of notes.  Know where everyone and everything will be posted and what is going to happen.  It is alos worth making a backup plan or two!

Now you’re ready for a mission, so check back with us tomorrow for the second installment: Commencing your first mission!

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