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Vehicle tracking systems

How Do Vehicle Tracking Systems Work?

Vehicle tracking systems use GSP, or Global Positioning System technology, to identify the location of vehicles, via information transmitted by satellites. GPS was developed in the early 1970s by the US military to overcome problems with existing navigational systems. That’s the simple answer but now we will delve a bit deeper and find out how that actually […]

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Listen through walls

How Can You Listen Through Walls?

The ability to listen through walls is invaluable for many high-level police and government investigations to proceed, in cases where evidence can otherwise be challenging to compile. But that’s not the limit to this incredibly advanced spying technology. Contact wall microphones are sophisticated gadgets using the latest wireless technology. As well as being used to gather evidence about […]

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Vehicle trackers

Is it Legal to Use Vehicle Trackers in the UK?

There are many excellent purposes for using GPS-based tracking services for vehicles. As with all legal matters, the key issue is whether your legal representative can make a convincing argument that your use of vehicle trackers follows the letter of the law – whether or not this is truly the case. Vehicle trackers are used […]

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