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Police Condemn Plans To Remove CCTV Cameras

Posted on 18/01/11, filed under News | No Comments

Police in the North Kesteven region have recently condemned plans to cease the operation of CCTV surveillance equipment in the Sleaford and North Hykeham areas in a bid to slash council spending.Police CCTV 150x150 Police Condemn Plans To Remove CCTV Cameras

Recent reports in local press suggested that North Kesteven District Council could be planning to remove funding for twelve cameras- which amounts to a sum of nearly £67,000- by April next year.

The affected cameras- which are dotted all around Sleaford and North Hykeham- could cease operation by spring next year, as the council try and slash their spending by over £2.5 million over the course of the next 2 years.

Local authority officials are said to be proposing that town councils and businesses foot the operational costs of the surveillance equipment, and one official even went so far as to suggest that the cameras had not proved fruitful in bringing any criminals to justice.

Local C.I. Mark Housley hit back at these comments though, and stated:

“Any suggestion that CCTV is not useful in detecting crime is false.
“The council has not made a final decision yet and the proposal up for discussion is to cease funding in a year’s time.
“These are tough times and we all have to make very difficult decisions.”

However, Chief Inspector Housley did state that the force would be doing everything in their power to keep the cameras up and running.

Passengers Give The Thumbs Up To Taxi CCTV

Posted on 17/01/11, filed under News | No Comments

A cabbie who made the move to install CCTV surveillance equipment in his taxi in order to try and put a stop to anti-social behaviour has revealed that he believes that he made the rightTaxi Thumbs Up 150x150 Passengers Give The Thumbs Up To Taxi CCTV move.

Darren Pike, of Exeter, who runs his own taxi business- Alpha Taxis, installed the cameras at the end of 2010, with the backing of local police and the local council- who urged other private hire companies to follow in his footsteps.

Recent figures have shown that the number of attacks against cabbies are on the rise, and Mr Pike feels that the installation of the surveillance equipment appears to have had a positive impact on his firm at least, and the equipment has been met with nothing but praise from those who hire Alpha Taxi’s services. Last August alone, there were 7 assaults on cabbies in the area- with some victims left with severe injuries.

Mr Pike commented:

“It’s all been very positive and no one seems bothered by it.
“It’s second nature to have cameras everywhere you go as crime prevention has become a big thing nowadays.
“I had one confrontational situation recently which was completely diffused when I pointed out the camera.”

Mr Pike confirmed that although he had faced questioning from one police official, he had heard nothing more on the matter.  He also confirmed plans to install surveillance spy equipment throughout his fleet of vehicles in the future.

Cost Of Norfolk CCTV Network Slammed

Posted on 14/01/11, filed under News | No Comments

According to recently released figures, local councils within the Norfolk region have ploughed nearly £5 million into CCTV surveillance equipment over the duration of the last 4 years, and many people areNorfolk CCTV 150x150 Cost Of Norfolk CCTV Network Slammed less than happy about the revelations.

The huge sum, which was spent on the installation and operation of the cameras, has led to calls for local council’s to look into the possibility of sharing resources, especially with so many presently facing huge spending cuts.

The publication of the figures came about after a huge number requesting details via the Freedom of Information Act, and the worst culprits for huge expenditure was Norwich City Council, who spent over £1.5 million on their surveillance equipment- which consists of around seventy cameras.

Campaign Group Big Brother Watch is less than impressed with the findings, and their director commented:

“Public money is being wasted on snooping surveillance that does next to nothing to prevent or solve crime.
“We are being watched more than ever before and we’re being ripped off into the bargain.”

Although they have come under criticism, Norfolk City Council insist that the surveillance equipment is vital in keeping the public safe and in police investigations.  However, one council official has welcomed the possibility of resource sharing in the future.

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