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The Spy Gadget That Does The Housework

Posted on 08/04/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Samsung have released a bizarre gadget in Korea that can spy on people and do the vacuum cleaning for you as well.  James Bond it is not.Spy Hoover 150x150 The Spy Gadget That Does The Housework

The Tango View is both an automatic vacuum cleaner and a spy camera.  In will automatically manoeuvre its way around your house, sucking up dust, but it can also be set to surveillance mode, where it can be guided by remote control and where it will provide a live video stream which can be viewed on a PC or smartphone.

The gadget features a microphone and a low-light camera, so it can record all sorts of information and effectively functions as your eyes and ears when you’re elsewhere.  The only significant drawback is that is an either/or situation when it comes to vacuuming or spying.  The Tango View cannot multitask and so you can only ever have it doing one of its chores at a time.

Secret cameras and microphones come in many different forms and something smaller might be a bit more useful to you.  A sound recorder in a pen is far less obvious than a self-propelled vacuum cleaner and a hidden spy camera inside a functioning multiplug is all but undetectable.

Thai Private Eye Writes About Life As Spy

Posted on 07/04/11, filed under News | No Comments

Amnuaiporn Maneewan is a 42-year-old woman who works as a private eye for a law firm in Bangkok.  Her job is mostly about tracking spouses and uncovering evidence about affairs and she has now writtenThai Eye 150x150 Thai Private Eye Writes About Life As Spy a book about her work.

Making use of spy cameras and recording devices, Maneewan specialises in exposing cheating partners.  She has used cameras and hidden voice recorders inside pens, car keys and calculators before now.

She says that mistresses are common in Thai society:

“It’s just increasing the whole time; it’s not slowing down at all.  Now, they don’t just have one mistress, they have two or three mistresses.  It’s like a fashion.  It’s normal.  No man leaves the house without a mistress.”

She is generally contacted by three or four potential clients every day.  Most are women aged between 20 and 60.

Maneewan says that government officials are particularly like to be having affairs, making use of their power and influence to gain what are known as ‘little wives’ in Thai culture.

However, men contact her too.  She estimates that around 30 per cent of her clients are men.

Her book is called ‘The Private Eye:  They ask me to investigate adultery’ and features a number of anecdotes and stories about her work over the years.  It also offers tips that will help people identify when a partner may be about to stray.

Spy Cameras Aren’t Necessarily Just For People

Posted on 06/04/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We think of surveillance cameras as being either hidden to spy on people or used in public places to help protect people, but they are not the only uses.  Two spy cameras installed in a tree in Iowa have beenTree 150x150 Spy Cameras Aren’t Necessarily Just For People providing a live feed of three bald eagle eggs in a nest 80ft in the air and the footage has become incredibly popular with 10m views registered.

The first eaglet started to emerge last week and the second has now appeared with a third to follow.  People are visiting the live web stream which is being supplied by the Raptor Resource Project to see the chicks being fed and kept warm by their parents.

The camera is controlled by the project director, Bob Anderson, who said:

“It’s huge, the world loves it. I have had bird cams for 20 years … I’m in shock, I’m in awe.”

Anderson has now taken on two volunteers to help him man the cameras.  Generally, there are more than 100,000 people watching at any one time and there is even an infrared night vision camera for night coverage.

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