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US Military Base In The UK

The United States government have been accused of having a controversial spy station near Harrogate in Yorkshire, costing the taxpayer a staggering £500,000 per year.

A report has revealed that the station has played an integral role in military offensives, including drone strikes and corporate investigations.  The report states that: “The British government masks the ongoing costs to the taxpayer of servicing the base through infrastructure support and through hidden tax subsidies that run into tens of millions a year.

The US have been secretly constructing an enormous electronic spy station with the capacity not to protect and preserve democracy – but to subvert and destroy it.  More than any other US military base in the world, it symbolises the vast chasm between the overblown rhetoric of American freedom and the grim reality of an imperialism out of control.”

Currently the base’s primary roles include military, diplomatic and commercial intelligence-gathering through the use of spy techniques and equipment such as spy voice recorders.  Using these voice recorders and interception devices to monitor emails and telecommunications across Europe, the base is used to gather corporate intelligence, meaning that confidential information from foreign competitors including European and British companies could have been intercepted and used by US corporations to assist in their bids for lucrative international contracts.

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