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Super Human Hearing

We spoke on the last blog article about the importance of being able to listen through walls – minus a dodgy glass tumbler.  As explained previously, you really don’t need to have the power of super senses to be able to listen through walls, as spy gadgets such as a spy voice recorder can do the job for you.

However, if you are not able to get into a room to place a voice recorder beforehand, there are a whole range of actual Listen Through Walls devices available too.

A specific listen through walls device will allow you to listen through walls which are up to 12 inches thick – bet your water glass can’t do that!  These gadgets are the perfect way to find out exactly what your colleague/friend/family member is saying about you behind closed doors.

Listen through walls gadgets are very simple to use and have a built-in voice recorder so you can store any conversation you may record and play it back at a later date.

So, you’ve got the best of both worlds – great quality voice recorders if you are able to access the area you wish to record in, or a listen through walls device if you can’t.  And the best bit is that both types of spy gadgets are available at!

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