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Spy Equipment In Cheltenham – Or At Least It Should Be!

This week it has been reported that agents from the Government Communications Headquarters Intelligence Division (GCHQ) have somehow managed to loose over four hundred items of Spy Equipment In Cheltenham!

All of the missing surveillance equipment contain potentially sensitive information concerning national security are are among thousands of items which have gone missing over a ten year period, costing an estimated £1 million of taxpayers’ money. The agency, based at Cheltenham remarked that many of the items were sent to the Middle East and only became reported as missing because removal from the stores where they were held was not properly accounted for at the time.

A report published by the committee states that: “The committee is concerned that, over a prolonged period, GCHQ has been unable to account for equipment worth up to £1 million.  While most attracted no security risk, GCHQ has admitted to us it cannot guarantee this is the case for five per cent – or 450 – of these items.”

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