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Legal Mobile Tracking

Spy equipment can be used for all many of situations, and here we’d like to focus on it’s ability to track a mobile phone.

The mobile tracking devices which are widely available are generally easy to use and available for everyone.  You do, however, need to bear in mind the guidelines which are set by mobile phone companies in the use of mobile monitoring devices.  One of the most important of which is that you actually need to have permission from the mobile phone owner in order to be able to track them.  Useful for keeping track of your kids, not so great if you’re secretly checking out what your wife’s up to after dropping the kids at

Mobile tracking devices, as spy equipment goes, are easy to use.  You will receive some software which is simple to install on a handset and this will allow you to start tracking the location of the mobile anywhere in the world.  The software works covertly within the handset, so there is no indication to the user of the phone that they are being tracked – which kind of defeats the idea of the person being informed beforehand.  We’re well aware that people use this software illegally but in no way endorse usage of that nature.  Great though if your mobile has been stolen and you will be able to trace it without the thief knowing that you can locate them!

People who have been tracked without their permission often feel like they have been stalked from afar.  Imagine someone knowing where you are at all times…not nice.  So, we say, stick to keeping tabs on the kids, employees (especially with businesses involving deliveries so you can advise customers on timescales), your other half – if they are game – and leave the secret monitoring of your loved ones well alone.

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