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Innovative Spy Gadgets From Online Spy Shop

There are so many uses for a hidden spy camera and the market is constantly changing as we require more and more innovative ways to covertly record what’s going on.  Secret spy gadgets in the form of hidden spy cameras come in so many different shapes and sizes.

The Online Spy Shop have a very large range of these very spy gadgets – all of which are both practical and cunningly disguised.  Here are a few of their best innovations…

Spectacles Camera – this professional camera suits operational use by either a man or a woman due to an ultra slim-line frame and neutral shape and appearance of the lens, making them unisex by design.  The hidden recording camera and high-gain audio microphone is so cleverly disguised inside one of the frame arms that it is impossible to notice – thus installing complete confidence in gathering undercover covert footage at the highest level.  The user of the spy glasses will capture a 60 degree peripheral viewing angle ensuring that everything you are looking at is recorded with vivid sharp colours and outstanding audio quality.  Above all, because the spectacles are so well designed, you can confidently talk with people face to face without them detecting they are being recorded.

The 3G Tissue Box Recorder – a beautifully hand-built wooden Tissue Box painstakingly integrated with a superb hidden 3G camera.  Even under close visual examination the tissue box is undetectable to it’s hidden spy gadget capabilities, allowing you to remotely watch live in full colour, listen with unsurpassed audio and record the target location directly from your mobile phone over a standard 3G video call.

Light Switch Camera Recorder – This innovative light switch measures just 87 x 87 mm and is cleverly disguised with a hidden video recording camera – simply ‘stick’ the light switch to any flat wall surface using the supplied sticky pads and due to its small size and inconspicuous appearance – it will blend into any room environment.

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