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Watch Us On YouTube

Posted on 26/10/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We hope that you like our Blogs but also please check us out on Facebook and Twitter, and why not sign up to our great newsletter iSpy…so what’s left to do? We just wanted to make sure you weren’t missing out by telling you all about our channel on YouTube.  It’s the place where we […]

Blackberry Surveillance

Posted on 24/10/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Top-of-the-range mobile phones don’t come cheap, especially Blackberrys.  The great features of these handsets make them a prime target for thieves though, although luckily there are now some great ways for you to keep a closer eye on your Blackberry and retrieve it quickly and easily should it fall into the wrong hands. There is […]

Things To Consider When Buying A Voice Recorder

Posted on 21/10/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Hardly anyone uses a tape recorder top record data anymore – and why would they when digital voice recordings last far longer than a tape recording.  Also, you can’t feed a tape into a PC – we’re tried and it doesn’t end well for the tape!  So, when you’ve resigned yourself to digital all the […]

New Product: iPhone Case With Hidden Camera

Posted on 19/10/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

This product really does take surveillance recording to the next level – let us present you with the HD Apple iPower Camera Recorder with night vision! This is a quality-built iPower case which holds your iPhone and combines it with a hidden HD recording camera.  This product is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and […]

Safety On The Internet In Your Home

Posted on 17/10/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

In this information-ich age we all go online for most things – from checking a route planner for a journey, through to managing finances with helpful and easy online banking.  As adults we have our own agendas for needing to go online but you must not forget that children also have their own specific online […]

Protecting Your Home The Spy Equipment Way

Posted on 09/10/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

You may think that spy gadgets are used only for surveillance operations and by trained personnel, but the fact is that you can use spy gadgets to protect both yourself and your home. Especially after the rioting that some parts of Britain have come under this past week, it is more important than ever to […]

Spy Blogs Galore!

Posted on 07/10/13, filed under News, Spy Equipment | No Comments

We do love a good spy blog here at Online Spy Shop – especially our own of course! But, it you’re serious about your spyware, then you should be keeping up-to-date with all of the great spy blogs that are out there at the moment.  We give you our top picks of what’s hot in […]

The Dome Camera From Online Spy Shop

Posted on 06/10/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We are rather excited about the fantastic day and night dome camera recorder from Online Spy Shop! Priced at a very reaosnable £99, this plug ‘n play portable dome camera has night vision built in, making it the perfect choice for surveillance of your home, office or car. It quickly plugs into any USB or […]

Read Up On Spy Gadgets

Posted on 29/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Whether you are a fan of a good old fashioned book or prefer to use your Kindle to catch up on the latest bestsellers, there are more titles than ever available on Spy Gadgets and the world of the covert operative. The ‘101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius’ series by Graham and McGowan are […]

My Dad’s A Secret Agent!

Posted on 27/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Its Friday and that means song time… My dad’s a secret agent. He’s an undercover spy. He’s the world’s best detective. He’s the perfect private eye. He’s a Pinkerton, a gumshoe, He’s a snoop and he’s a sleuth. He’s unrivaled at detecting and uncovering the truth. He’s got eyesight like an eagle. He’s got hearing […]

For The Junior Spy In Your Life

Posted on 25/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

It’s that time of year when – believe it or not – you might be starting to think about Christmas presents!  With just a matter of a few months before the big day, it can be difficult to know what to buy for that pre-teen age…but we think we’ve found just the thing – and […]

Video Tutorials Now Available

Posted on 23/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Ever wondered how best to navigate our site and place orders with us?  Well, that’s a thing of the past now, as we’ve created a whole host  of online tutorials to show you exactly ‘How To’ with Online Spy Shop! Click here for help on placing an order with us. For Android mobile and Tablet […]

Online Spy Shop’s YouTube Channel

Posted on 22/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We know you love reading the blog, checking us out on Facebook and Twitter, and have probably also signed up for our great newsletter iSpy. We just wanted to make sure you weren’t missing a trick by telling you all about our channel on YouTube.  It’s the place where we upload all of our product […]

When Is A Wall Clock Not Just A Wall Clock?

Posted on 15/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Spy equipment and surveillance gadgets are readily available for anyone wanting to have a little fun, as well as the serious business of covert tracking and PI usage.  Spy equipment and spy gadgets can be used for personal surveillance or by employers in order to check that those working for them arent stealing or misbehaving […]

Looking After Your Children’s Safety Online

Posted on 13/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

There isn’t a day that goes by without another horror story in the press involving a child and a negative incident with the World Wide Web.  These awful stories are enough to make any parent consider banning their children from the Internet for life.  Most of us can’t be sat beside them every minute that […]

Spy Cameras On The Street

Posted on 11/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

I am sure like most of us you will at some point have muttered a few choice words after the fact when you have been caught by a traffic warden!  But secret swearers beware as some traffic wardens have now been issued with spy cameras to record on the streets. We were first made aware […]

Fancy Yourself As A Bit Of A Spy?

Posted on 09/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

There are a few things that you should think about if you plan on giving James Bond a run for his money and becoming a spy in the near future: First up, you need to be as sneaky and as deceptive as possible.  This is so that nobody close to you suspects that you’re a […]

Our Take On Hidden Spy Cameras

Posted on 08/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Covert spy cameras are used for many different purposes – from Private Investigator use for business, through to everyday members of the public using them for surveillance.  Covert cameras that do not need to be ‘wired in’ can be very useful for on-the-go surveillance and for body-worn usage. Hidden spy cameras of any kind can […]

The Clever Art Of Spying

Posted on 05/09/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

The art of spy technology has always been used against the enemy for the purposes of gathering vital information and intelligence to: aid an attack, prevent an attack, or simply gain insight that can be used as ammunition.  Spying has evolved over time to inclde the use of spy gadgets, with technology gaining momentum so that […]

Uses For Voice Recorders

Posted on 31/08/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

When you buy one of the very latest voice recorders, not only are you buying the most advanced technology currently available, but you’re also buying a device which has literally hundreds of uses.  Whether you are a professional who requires voice records for work, or you need a voice recorder for personal use, there are […]

Do You Use Voice Recorders?

Posted on 30/08/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

If you use voice recorders in your line of work or for your own personal use, you shouldn’t  forget the basics of ensuring your device is working to the best of its ability at all times. First things first, make sure that you are using the correct type of memory card for the job in […]

Surveillance Equipment: Hidden Devices

Posted on 28/08/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Surveillance devices come in all forms, shapes and sizes.  There are ones that you can leave in plain view without anyone realising what the gadget is, ones that you locate behind security panels such as CCTV cameras, and then there are the ones which are completely hidden from view – and these are probably our […]

Help For Families Of Dementia Sufferers

Posted on 25/08/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Recently the Daily Telegraph reported on a new way that families can help keep track of loved ones who are suffering from dementia.  Because of the large number of sufferers who go walkabout, there is now a pilot trial which sees dementia patients being fitted with tracking devices so their whereabouts will always be known. […]

Spy Book Fans: Farewell by Sergei Kostin

Posted on 22/08/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

If you love your spy equipment and love your books too, we’ve found the perfect marriage of the two in Farewell by Sergei Kostin. The plot goes like this…it’s 1981 and Ronald Reagan and François Mitterrand have been sworn in as presidents for their respective countries – America and France.  There is growing tension because of […]

Edinburgh Festival 2013: Austenatious

Posted on 18/08/13, filed under News, Spy Equipment | No Comments

Ever heard of that famous Private Detective Double-O Darcy in the equally famous Jane Austen novel?  No, neither had we until we heard about one of the highlights of this year’s Edinburgh Festival – Austenatious! One of the most popular free events to grace the impressive bill was this improve play that had people queuing around […]

Train Like A Spy

Posted on 16/08/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

If you are the sort of person who likes to keep healthy – both in body and mind – then you may think that you are in peak condition for the life of a spy.  We are bombarded with images of the James Bonds and Ethan Hunts of the big screen flexing their physique and […]

Website Additions

Posted on 14/08/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We hope that you’ve been taking a regular glance at the website as we’re always adding new products to our range.  If you haven’t looked for a while, here are our highlights of some bestsellers, personal favourites and new additions to our range of spy equipment. The Digital Slimline Clock Recorder priced at just £199.00 […]

The Encrypted Blackberry SIM Card

Posted on 12/08/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

This has got to be one of our favourite spy gadgets of all time.  This is a full military grade PGP encrypted SIM card – and is avaiable for you to purchase right now!  With 4096-bit random keys, this is the absolute highest military-grade encryption that your money can buy.  It provides total anonymity with […]

Bad Neighbours?

Posted on 08/08/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all had the type of neighbours that were considerate, looked after your place while you went away, put the bins out by the road when you forgot, and always had some soy sauce when you ran out!  Unfortunately, for most of us at one time or another, we are […]

From Secret Surveillance To The Lecture Theatre

Posted on 31/07/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Here at Online Spy Shop we hold our hands up at having a favourite type of device.  For us, our range of voice recorders will always be second to none as we love the infinite capabilities of these clever little devices. Part of being a covert piece of spy equipment warrants that size should, indeed, […]

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